Fall 2017 MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Feature: Darshana and Pankaj

MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Fall 2017 Feature: Darshana & Pankaj
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Bride & Groom: Darshana & Pankaj
Post-Wedding Photoshoot Location: Thailand

Darshana & Pankaj  had it all from traditional Sindhi Rituals, International Musicians, Carnival Dancers and lot of surprises and one of them was a post wedding shoot in Thailand planned by the groom showcasing the busy party district of Khaosan Road and the famous Sathorn Bride by the high-rise commercial buildings to the magnificent temple and of course their great chemistry, here is Groom Pankaj sharing their story.

Tell us how you met. It all started from interest I received from her on a matrimonial website. I saw her interest after almost a month and apparently by then her profile was deleted but I was really keen to know her so I dropped her a message on Facebook followed by a friend request. She added me back and replied saying interest was not sent by her but her mother and because she didn’t want to get married she deleted her profile but she will speak to her mother and get back to me. I thought maybe she is not interested so we didn’t chat after that. Later on her birthday I wished her a "Happy Birthday" on Facebook. She thanked me and asked me when am I getting married? I told her I am waiting for you to say YES she laughed and we started exchanging messages. After 6 month she finally said let's meet sometime casually “as friends” so we decided to go out for coffee. I went to pick her up from her place and we saw each other knew this is it. Our casual dinner turned into a 4.5 hour long dinner date. After a few dates our families met and we got married in July.

What did you do on your first date? I wanted it to be a proper date but she wanted to meet “as friends” so she wore jeans and a T-shirt so that I did not feel as if we were going on a “date.” However,  Cupid was playing his role and our casual meet up turned into a 4.5 hour long date by the pool. We ordered a lot of food but hardly ate anything as we were too busy talking. We did not want it to end until the hotel manager came and told us they were closing.

What inspired your post-wedding photoshoot? Once I read somewhere that surprises make women happy. I took this very seriously. Our wedding caricature invitation cards, artists performing in our wedding, post wedding photoshoot, and our honeymoon was all a surprise for Darshana. Her reaction every time was priceless and worth all of the effort I had put in. I chose to surprise her with a post wedding shoot in Bangkok before heading for honeymoon. Being an event manager, I do lot of weddings in Thailand so I knew all the fascinating locations in Bangkok. I wanted pictures to be shot from high-rise buildings, bridges, the party district and the magnificent temples.

I chose three iconic locations which included the party district of Bangkok Khao San Road, Bangkok famous Sathorn Bridge in middle of commercial high-rise buildings, Wat Benchamabophit Temple which is one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok, and Street Art Wall Bangkok. I know a lot of Photographers in Bangkok but I chose Nant because I really like his sense of photography and imaginations. He is not just a good photographer but an artistic editor too which makes him stand apart. On top of that, he can speak fluent English unlike a lot of Photographers in Thailand. Being a creative person, it did not take him long to understand what I was looking for. He delivered extra ordinary pictures just as we expected from him. Our hair and make up for the shoot was taken care of by Mrs. Dilraj Arrora, she is one of the very good Indian Makeup artists based in Bangkok now.

Photographer – Nant Vutthsak, Bangkok
Hair & Makeup – Dilraj Arrora, Bangkok

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