Fall 2017 MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Feature: Jemilat and Hakeem

MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Fall 2017 Feature: Jemilat and Hakeem
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Read all about Jemilat and Hakeem's surprise proposal and "Spring Bling" wedding. The beautiful videography work was done by MunaLuchi coterie member FemsterImages Productions.

Bride & Groom: Jemilat & Hakeem
Physician & Software Engineer 
Wedding date: 
April 15th, 2017
Wedding location: 
Baltimore, Maryland

Social media truly brings the world together, but sometimes it also helps you realize that the person of your dreams may actually be closer than you think - in this case just a mutual friend away... One day while perusing Facebook, Hakeem’s attention was completely captured by the profile picture of Jemilat. Gee, a mutual friend of Hakeem and Jemilat’s, told him all about her and the more Hakeem heard the more he knew he had to meet her.

Gee, being a good friend, asked Jemilat if it was okay to give Hakeem her number. Jemilat recalls how she “politely said ‘okay,’ knowing this is likely not going anywhere.” This not being the first, or even the second time, that Gee tried to introduce her to someone he knew, and considering the last time was “a disaster,” the deck was already stacked against Hakeem.

Jemilat made it clear from the start just how much the odds were playing against him - his being introduced by Gee being a large factor of that, and the other half understandably being that she just began the first year of a fellowship and did not want any distractions. Wanting to be a part of her life, and most certainly a positive part at that, Hakeem was happy to promise a friendship with Jemilat.

As their friendship flourished, Hakeem’s promise of just remaining friends became more and more difficult to maintain - as he knew in his heart they were meant to be much more. Their calls increased in frequency, and Hakeem even took trips to Baltimore to see her… After six months Jemilat, finding it difficult to ignore her own feelings, decided to give their relationship a chance - and neither have looked back ever since...

On January 2nd of 2016, Jemilat returned home tired from a long day at work to find the house sparkling clean. Hakeem had cleaned the floors, vacuumed, cleared the dishes, even washed the bathroom - in retrospect all of this should’ve set off mental alarm bells as Hakeem has a tendency to clean when nervous, but she was understandably exhausted. Hakeem requested that they go to 1789 for dinner, an upscale restaurant in Georgetown. Being tired, Jemilat was not in the mood to go out, especially if it involved getting dressed up. So she asked if they could go to some place more casual. They finally agreed to go to Zaytinya.

During dinner Hakeem asked that they share a picture together to capture the moment. Jemilat came over to sit beside him as he handed his phone to the couple next them to assist with taking the picture. As to what happened next, Jemilat fondly recalls how, “I was looking forward to the camera smiling but I noticed it was taking too long to take the picture and everyone around had stopped what they were doing and were looking our way. I turned to look at him and he was on his knees with the most beautiful ring ever and he asked me to marry him...”

For their wedding they chose the theme of “Spring Bling,” incorporating spring florals and glittering elements. Culturally, their wedding incorporated Yoruba Nigerian elements - a shared heritage reflected in the food and music.
For Jemilat, dress shopping “was a breeze.” For her first gown she wanted subtle embellishments and found the exact one in the first bridal store she went to - it was the second dress tried on and she immediately knew it was the one, having spent an hour total in the store. For the second gown she wanted something more embellished, making a trip to New York with her sisters to a store found on Instagram. There she tried on six gowns before finally settling on a Terani Couture bead and feather gown.

What is your best memory from your wedding?
Hakeem dancing to “Pony” by Ginuwine, and doing push ups to get the garter.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Enjoy the process and give yourself enough time to plan!

Planner: FTKkonnect
Photography: Tunji Sarumi
Videography: FemsterImages Productions
MC: Comedy Jedi
DJ: Phemstar
Decor: Lilyvevents
Cake: Mon delice
Dessert table: Sugar Tables
Caterer: Divine catering
Cocktail hour: Chops by Rera
Makeup Artistry: Laomiz Beauty
Stationery and logo: vivid designs by alero
Photobooth: DJ Max Powers
1st dress: Enzoani from Betsy Bridal
2nd dress: Terani Couture from NIle boutique


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