Fall 2017 MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Feature: Minimalist Styled Wedding

MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Fall 2017 Feature: Minimalist Styled Wedding
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Read all about the inspiration and design details for this gorgeous minimalist wedding styled shoot as seen in the Fall 2017 issue of MunaLuchi Bride Magazine.

"When I began to formulate the vision for this styled shoot I discovered and explored many sources of inspiration in the California, Bay Area. I traveled throughout San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and found a special gem in Sacramento. Moving through these cities I found that there exist a rhythm and beauty that transforms the culture and lifestyle of all those who live there. From what I could see the largest contributor to the culture is the growing presence of technology in business and consumer use. I believe that this new growth in technology has impacted the culture of the Bay Area much like Apple Inc has the technology industry. The buildings, fashion, and lives of people have become sleeker, cleaner (healthier), simpler...truly a minimalist generation, who values clean lines, open spaces, fresh environments, and wholesome food. Here entered my vision for a minimalist styled wedding incorporating the simplicity and free loving trademark that is Northern California. The models were hand chosen to match the ethnic makeup of the area, but more importantly, I wanted to showcase cultures that we don't often see (especially not seen as being "together") in magazines and general mass media. I chose to "marry" models of two very different ethnicities highlighting the free loving and accepting place that California, Bay Area, is coming to be. I believe that this styled wedding shoot embodies the acceptance of love between not only humans, but between humans and nature. To further the hippie, free love vibe we chose to include multiple fresh floral crowns, in addition to beautiful bright white flower and lush leafy green arrangements, instead of the typical mass amounts of bouquets, vases, and overcrowded table settings (which are beautiful, but commonly published). Our venue in Sacramento was the divinely inspired setting I've always dreamed of finding and it was a perfect fit for this project. The target audience for this Minimalist Styled Wedding is the Millennials moving into and living in the Greater Bay Area. This shoot speaks to the Minimalist motto that less is more. Brides can have a simplistic wedding that is both elegant and trendy. By removing the "fluff" we can tightly focus on what makes a wedding day truly special, the love and natural connection that exudes from the Bride and Groom. This Minimalist Wedding shoot is not new, but only further ignites the trend of beautiful pure simplicity."

            ~Kyra Iverson, Kind Hearted Images

Calligraphy: The Crafting Casa
Make Up Artist: Tristany Lee
Hair Stylist: Shear Passion Salon
Florist: Esmae Event Floral Design
Weddings Rental Supplies: Esmaé Event Rentals
Bridal Jewelry: Atzi Bridal
Wedding Rings: Earth and Rock Jewels
Wedding Dress: La Soie Bridal
Male Model: Luke Chong
Female Model: Nia Assata
Floral Crowns: Empress Crown & Jewels
Venue: Deer Creek Weddings
Photography: Kind Hearted Images

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