Fall 2017 MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Feature: Nomaswazi and Thato

MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Fall 2017 Feature: Nomaswazi and Thato
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Read all about Nomaswazi and Thato's stunning scenic wedding in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa!

Bride & Groom: Nomaswazi and Thato
Wedding Location: Hermanus, Cape Town
Wedding Date: March 18th 2017

The love story of Nomaswazi and Thato began in primary school at the tender age of ten years old. It was love at first sight for Thato, who knew, even then, that Nomaswazi would one day be his wife… It all began on the school bus. Thato had wanted to talk to Nomaswazi for sometime, and one day finally built up the courage to say, “hello, I saved a seat for you next to me.” Nomaswazi greeted him back but chose another seat next to her friend. Determined to speak with her but also not wanting to be an annoyance, Thato pursued a different angel…

So on the following week he politely told the girl sitting next to Nomaswazi that she was occupying his seat and would appreciate it if she moved. Needless to say the other girl was surprised considering she had been sitting next to Nomaswazi all along. Unconcerned with being a bother to the other girl, he continued to request that she find another seat until she finally gave in and moved. Thato took the seat next to Nomaswazi and he fondly recalls, “that was the beginning of our friendship with my lifelong crush.”

In time Thato had to change schools, which meant riding a different school bus, but they continued to see each other at church and home - both living in the same neighborhood. Though this too would also change, as Nomaswazi was scheduled to leave for boarding school. Prior to her departure they made a promise to someday get married and have a family together. During this time their main means of communication were through writing letters and phone conversations. This continued throughout high school and post-secondary school.

With their lives taking them in different directions they lost contact over time. Until in 2013, while visiting home, Thato decided to attend his childhood church. It had been some time since returning due to living and working in Pretoria. To Thato’s absolute delight, also in attendance was Nomaswazi. In his words, “I saw the love of my life at church. Her walk was poised and elegant, her beautiful big brown eyes sparkled, and my heart raced with excitement of finally seeing her all grown and beautiful as ever after such a long time apart.”

Thato was beside himself, anxious to talk to her and thankful the service was soon to end, as he now could not concentrate on anything except her. But to his disappointment, at the conclusion of the service she was nowhere to be found in the parking lot. Wasting no time, he drove as quickly as he could to her parents house, boiling over with excitement. Their reunion was absolute bliss...drinking in the sight of each other with thirsty, wide-eyes. Their love for each other never faded, and Thato promised himself that day that he would never again lose sight of her.

Their intimate and romantic proposal would take place a few years later. On a sunny Saturday morning, Thato ordered delicious breakfast food from their favorite restaurant for a picnic. While enjoying the peaceful ambiance of nature and melodies of the birds, Thato, on bended knee, told Nomaswazi that he could not live without her and asked her to be his wife. On that beautiful day a childhood promise came full-circle…

For Nomaswazi, she wanted a simple but elegant wedding dress. The ceremony dress was a form fitting Quiteria & George with flower embellishments, airy and easy to walk in - with a dramatic long veil. To complete her simple elegance look, Nomaswazi chose to walk barefoot in the ceremony, accenting her feet with pearl beading, and her ears with heart-shaped diamonds. The reception dress was by Kobus Dippenaar with a pearl headdress. The dress was form fitting with great movement for dancing the night away with family, friends, and her husband.

The theme of the wedding was inspired by the picturesque beautiful venue in Hermanus, Cape Town. Nomaswazi and Thato had a garden wedding ceremony with bold color florals. The same elements of the exterior were brought to the indoors for the reception, complete with African drummers and cultural dancers.

What is your best memory from your wedding?
When I woke up in the morning and looked out the window, the first thing I saw was my arch being decorated with beautiful flowers. The picturesque background view of the venue was breathtaking. We had four coordinators therefore we had absolutely nothing to worry about and this set the mood for our magically impeccable day, but we were amazed how quickly it went by.
My highlight of the day was when my bridesmaids made a circle and prayed over me, each bridesmaid went to their position to ring the bells just before I walked down the aisle to the love of my life. Thato’s highlight was when I walked down the aisle towards him.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Take each other’s wedding ideas into consideration, and be in the moment because it goes by very fast. It also helps to have a very good coordinator.

Bride's receptions dress: Anna Georgina by Kobus Dippenaar
Bride’s Ceremony dress: Quiteria and George
Bride’s headpiece: Pearl headdress
Bride's shoes: Call it Spring
Bridesmaids dresses: Quiteria and George
Cakes/desserts: Krummels Sugar Art
Catering: Two Chefs Catering
Ceremony venue: Bona Dea Private Estate
Event decor/design: Yes! Exclusive Weddings & Events
Entertainment: Event Music Solutions
Event planner: Trunk Events
Florals: Yes! Exclusive Flowers
Groom's attire: Quiteria and George
Groomsmen attire: Quiteria and George
Hair: Leoume Vos
Lighting: Event Music Solution
Linens: Bona Dea Private Estate
Makeup: Leoume Vos
Photography: Schwede-Photodesign
Reception venue: Bona Dea Private Estate
Stationery: Trunk Events
Videography: This Is Epitome

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