Fashion Friday?Ode to Oxblood

Lately, I have been crushing hard over everything associated with the color Oxblood.  This vamp-inspired shade of red/burgundy reminds me of a vintage bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon {which happens to be my favorite vino} with deep brown undertones.  Besides, who wouldn't adore a timeless warm tint that compliments all skin tones?  Oxblood has been spotted on the fashion runways of several notable shows such as Zuhair Murad and Zac Posen and I am currently rocking the color on my nails.

Yes, I will admit that not every Bride will appreciate this dark, yet romantic hue - but when executed precisely, I can envision the sophisticated details that this color palette provides.  In ode to Fashion Friday, I have created a mood board that should lend a touch of inspiration when infusing my favorite Fall 2013 inspired color into your wedding day.

Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and go bold!  The possibilities are endless with this deep shade of perfection.  For additional inspiration, visit our Ode to Oxblood Pinterest Board.


Lerkia Lee

Lerkia Lee, Managing Director and Curator of Style at MODAGE · Where Modern Meets Vintage, is a passionate people person gifted in styling special events and clients.  Specializing in wardrobe consulting and bridal styling services for the discerning professional...

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  1. Tywana Tyler

    Absolutely gorgeous color! Red, all shades of red, wine, and berries are my favorite colors. This is an absolutely beautiful color to use for a wedding, or, any special occasion. Every beautiful season is decorated with beautiful colors. This one gets the “Beautiful” stamp of approval for sure. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to so much more!


    Color lover~

  2. Peter Greenaway from The Wedding Boutique

    I agree oxblood is very beautiful. Because we dye shoes at our store which are always satin, I think its the deep colours that always look the most stunning. Red has been popular for the past year with brides who just want to add the wow to the day but its the maroons that just do it for me and really fits with that vintage #Gatsby or #DowntonAbbey look.


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