Fashion Friday | Playing Virtual Dress Up At Gina Foster Millinery Boutique

My love for haute couture crowns is spiraling out of control these days.  Not surprisingly, we have accumulated the most fashionable headgear from many sources and they all serve a different purpose in my wardrobe.  I like to think of them as props since they allow me to channel my many alter-egos, are an effective way to accessorize and more importantly act as a buffer on bad hair days.
So, in honor of Fashion Friday {and the impending weekend}, I am requesting that you virtually accompany me {no Passport required} to the UK to visit Gina Foster's Millinery Boutique.  Gina’s exquisite designs mix elements of your personality into your dream headpiece to create something special for any occasion.   From sleek to sexy, I think we've found a few Modage-inspired looks that will that will satisfy our millinery appetite until next week.
It doesn't take much to change your look, sometimes all you need is just a fab hat.  Lerkia

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