Finding Your Wedding Style

Your wedding style will set the tone for your big day; from flower arrangements, to color scheme and menu, what will you love to have captured on this monumental day? Before going any further, it is important to address what exactly it means to have a specific kind of wedding style, so that you will be better prepared to select one that suits you and your partner. Essentially, wedding styles are the look and feel you want to convey on your wedding day. It can be very overwhelming trying to assemble your desired wedding style, because there are so many components that need to be considered. However, once you get started, and carefully go through the steps of finding the style for your dream wedding, you’ll find it to be a very fun and exciting journey!


As most of us are on Pinterest, I’m sure you may already have a wedding board designated for an inspiration bank of ideas to draw from that you would love to incorporate on this special day. So, do some research! If you are currently not linked to Pinterest, now would be a good time to start getting familiarized with this social media platform. In addition to Pinterest, check out online wedding mags to pull inspiration from. Nowadays, we live in a digital age that makes it easier and faster to gather information, so this will hopefully relieve some stress when putting together your collection of ideas for your wedding. Key thing to note is that this can be the “cluttered,” brainstorming period of finding your perfect wedding style. Loosely configure all your ideas in list form, jot them down in a notebook, and/or perhaps pair with a Pinterest board to supplement.

Different Types of Styles

There are many different themes and styles optional for you on your big day; so we will just focus on the primary ones we feel will offer the most inspiration and room to create as your own.

Romantic Wedding Style

A romantic style will have soft hues, lots of warm lighting and florals. The feel will be intimate and most likely take place in the evening for the full effects of the soft lighting. In addition, color scheme will be more on the "feminine" side, with a mix of warm pastels. The location itself may reflect the romantic style as well. Consider an outdoor wedding, in a wooded area to go for a whimsical, romantic tone that will dazzle your guests with your romantic wedding style.

Vintage Wedding Style

A vintage style may include antique-looking decor, weathered wood, and lace. Depending on the era you want to travel back in time to, with your partner and guests, you may be drawn more towards the Golden Age of Hollywood; think modern day Great Gatsby with plenty of glam, sparkle and chandeliers for lighting. This color scheme can consist of black, white, gold, or silver. Whichever vintage you are going for, it will be timeless.

Bohemian Wedding Style

For the free-spirited couple, who is not afraid to shy away from pops of bright color - and a veer away from the traditional style - a bohemian style wedding might be the option for you. In order for your guests to get the full effect of your wedding style, it is best for this type of wedding to take place outdoors. Think a casual and comfy feel, mixed with an artistically expressive vibe, that is shown through the decor of colorful and woven textiles paired with flower crowns, for the bride and bridesmaids. Unlike the vintage and romantic wedding styles, this style is less conventional and very fun.

Rustic Wedding Style

One of the most popular wedding styles of today, is the rustic wedding. This style will incorporate lots of woods and nature-inspired elements in its decor. Use a neutral color palette such as: olive, cream, mauve, etc. The location best suited to get the feel for a rustic wedding, would be on a farm or mill of some sort. For example, Strawberry Farms is a beautiful location set on the Orange County Golf Course where the venue is within a charming red barn that is worth checking out, if this may be your style. Though, many of these types of weddings seem to be surfacing more now, you and your partner can add your personal touches to make it unique and memorable for both you and your guests.

Now, that you have gathered all your inventory, it is time to simplify! What should you toss, and what should you keep? While going through everything you’ve brainstormed, you may start noticing patterns in your selections. For example, if you are beginning to notice warm hues, delicate lighting or a variety of florals, your style may be the “romantic” wedding. However, if you are seeing a lot of lace, or antique decor, your style may be “vintage.” Laying out your ideas on a cork-board, or a notebook designated for the aesthetic of your wedding, will help you get a much more organized visual of the wedding you desire.

Most importantly, don’t worry about competing with anyone else’s wedding, and definitely do not compare. Because no matter what type of style you are leaning more towards, or even if you’re blending styles together, your wedding day will be beautiful. Staying true to who you both are, will shine in every aspect of your wedding.  

~ Joshua & Kariss Farris, Head Photographers at Pharris Photography & Philms

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