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I recently met with one of my favorite photographers, Sophia Barrett, and one of my brides. As typical with most photographers, the question “will you be doing a first look?” was probed.  My bride was completely opposed, as with most brides, thinking that the first look is something that will take away from the moment when she walks down the aisle, because her groom has seen her already; feeling that all emotions at the moment she walks down the aisle will be lost.

The idea of a first look is to give the couple a moment to relax, prior to being front and center amongst all of their wedding guests.  The wedding day goes by so fast that often times the first look is the only time the bride and groom can get a chance to be alone; the day is just a whirlwind and sometimes a blur.  It is a chance to spend an intimate moment with the love of your life.  With no one around, and the photographer well out of site, the two can laugh, cry, embrace, or simply exchange wedding gifts.  Regardless of how your emotions take over in that moment, it’s a moment you’ll never forget and one that can be captured and treasured forever by an amazing photographer, like Sophia Barrett.

To see just how special first looks can be, the below series of photos capture sheer emotion and will give you some great inspiration. Enjoy!

All photos courtesy of Sophia Barrett.

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  1. Aly

    How sweet! I didn’t have a first look, but these sweet moments make me wish that I did.


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