Fun Outdoor E-Session by Mike Topham Photography: Cynthia and James

Cynthia and James met in college and soon they were inseparable.  Nothing could hinder their love, not even having to carry on a long distance relationship for two years.  It was clear to both of them that they had to spend the rest of their lives together, but James wanted to find the prefect moment to surprise Cynthia with a proposal. He decided to do it before Christmas when they went to a tree lighting show.  After walking around and taking in the heart warming decorations, James took Cynthia out of the cold and into a warm barnyard in a nearby zoo.  When James got down on one knee, Cynthia was so shocked that James had to ask her twice before she said, "Yes!"  Mike Topham Photography helped this fun loving couple capture their excitement over their upcoming nuptials in this lovely e-session shoot! We know Cynthia and James will have a beautiful winter wedding!

  • Bride: Cynthia Kavanagh-Registered nurse
  • Groom: James Prince-Teacher
  • Wedding Date: 11/23/2013



How They Met

James and I met in college. According to James, I was interested in him from the very beginning, but I remember it differently. All I know is that a few months after our initial meeting we were inseparable. We discussed everything with each other and I'm glad to say that even after five years it is still that way.

The Proposal

While participating in a long distance relationship for a few years James decided to pop the question before Christmas. That was the best gift ever and per James that will also be my birthday present for the year. Before James proposed I thought every date might be the time he would pop the question. I started to lose hope because nothing would happen at the end of our dates. A few days before Christmas we decided to go to the DC tree light show. It was freezing that night. We were there for about an hour and a half when we walked back to the front of the zoo. During that time people were saying that the shuttle was minutes away. I was ready for the shuttle, but James was like we haven't seen everything. So we walked into a warm barnyard and looked at the llamas. Afterwards we walked towards a bench and started to look at the stars. My head was on his chest and he said to me" this is the perfect time for you to propose to me."  At that moment I was thinking, "Ummm yeah right you need to propose to me!" After that he started to complain that something was poking him in the chest. I kept telling him that nothing was poking him and he proceeded to remove items from the inside of his jacket such as pencils and his cell phone. I asked him, "What are you doing?" At that moment he was like, "This is what I am doing," as he got on his knee. I was dumbfounded. He asked me to marry him twice and then I finally said " Yes!"

You Make Loving You So Easy

The Groom...He said he knew I was the one when he found out that I watch cartoons. Our parents make fun that we still watch cartoons. He loves me because I am supportive.

The Bride...I love that he balances me. When I'm not thinking straight he is able to keep me calm.



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