A Fun Superhero Themed E-Session in Atlanta

Your teenage years can be an awkward time for romance, so when DaVina and Erik met in high school, they kept it on the friend level. They didn’t explore dating until they both graduated. Sadly, attending different colleges in Florida made dating somewhat difficult, and they eventually broke up. However, they remained friends, even talking daily until they decided to date again. Officially reunited, their relationship deepened quickly, and in 2013 Erik was ready to solidify his commitment.  Erik took DaVina on a post-Valentine’s Day dinner.  DaVina has a sweet tooth, so Erik decided to propose during dessert. DaVina shares, “The server presented me with a large box of decadent chocolate--with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring inside! Less than a second later Erik was on bended knee asking me to share a life with him.”

To celebrate their engagement this fun loving couple teamed up with Pics by the Moon to take pictures that were traditional yet playful. DaVina shares, "Our main goal was to incorporate a bit about our individual selves and of course to put our love for one another on display.” Their first look was more traditional with a dramatic flair; however, their second look was relaxed. DaVina thinks of Erik as her Superman, and he thinks of her as his Wonder Woman, so they wore t-shirts that paid homage to their alter-egos.  Snazzy Events will be planning their wedding and we wish DaVina and Erik all the best on their upcoming nuptials.

How They Met

We met in high school in Winter Garden, Florida a suburb of Orlando, FL. Throughout high school we had some friends in common and we were even friends ourselves, but we didn't explore dating until after we had both graduated. Erik moved to Tallahassee, FL to attend Florida A&M University while I stayed in Orlando and attended the University of Central Florida. On breaks we made a point to see each other until one day we "fell into" dating. The first round didn't last long, but we always remained friends, even talking daily. After college and a few relationships and re-locations later we found ourselves still friends, still talking daily and still interested in one another. In 2010, we were both in a position to take our relationship further. We dated long distance for a while but the relationship deepened when I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2011.

The Engagement Session

We didn't have a theme in our engagement session. Our main goal was to incorporate a bit about our individual selves and of course to put our love for one another on display. For our engagement session, the location played a big role. I wanted something a bit eclectic so she chose the Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta. The Goat Farm is a repurposed Cotton Mill that is dated to the 1800s. Now it is used a multi-use, creative space where scenes from The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games have filmed.

Many of the poses in our photographs were natural. They just happened and our photographer captured the moment between us. Others were ideas that we got from Pintrest. They were all fun.

I describe our first look as leaning toward traditional but with some dramatic flair. We used props already in place at the Goat Farm as elements to depict our relationship and love. We are a case of opposites attracting. The more introverted and traditional Erik is met with outspoken and daring me.

Our second look was relaxed, playful, and of course still infused with our love. Erik became my Superman and I his Wonder Woman. In the second half of the session we got to show a little more of who we are at home. We cuddle and kiss. We are romantic but we also joke around and tease each other just like the kids we used to be. That's a part of our history and relationship that we hope to never lose.

Looking Forward to the Wedding 

We can't wait to say 'I do' and then celebrate with all of our loved ones.


Location: Atlanta Goat Farm, Atlanta GA
Planner: Ashlee Gadson | Snazzy Events
Photographer: Aaron Moon | Pics by the Moon
  1. Nancy

    I don’t know this couple, but they look like they know how to have fun! Cheers on the upcoming marriage! Looooooooved everything about the shoot! Love is real!


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