Georgia Wedding by Uzbin Photography: Andrea + Alan

Andrea and Alan's love story reminds us of Alicia Key's "Teenage Love Affair."  They met during a summer class at Georgia State and hesitantly flirted while waiting for the other to make the first move.  Andrea recalls, "I was kind of getting frustrated because I was doing my "I'm approachable" walk instead of my "I'm too cute for you to talk to me" walk.  Every other guy in the class noticed, unfortunately, but Alan...not so much. But he knew what he was doing."  Before the summer session ended, they did get to know each other and the rest was history.

Their beautiful wedding was photographed by Uzbin Photography.

Bride: Andrea Mills
Groom: Alan Jenrette
Wedding Date: October 13, 2012
Location: Gwinnett Historic Courthouse, Lawrenceville, GA

The Proposal

"It's pretty much your typical "walk on the beach" proposal. We were nearing the end of our trip in the Dominican Republic. I'd all but given up hope that Alan would propose while we were there (even though I'd hinted numerous times before we arrived what an AWESOME story we would have if we got engaged out of the country). It was late, and Alan said he wanted to take a walk on the beach. So we started our stroll. Me being the paranoid person that I am, I continuously checked behind us to make sure we weren't being followed. Which in turn, made Alan paranoid as well. There was a full moon, so even though it was late, it was relatively bright out. Alan stopped, got on one knee (I checked behind me one last time), and said: "…" Ok I don't really remember. It was something like, "I love you, can't live my life without you, you're awesome. WILL YOU MARRY ME?" My response was, "Are you sure?" This was with a serious face (I had to check because I'd been waiting what felt like forever for him to ask). After he assured me he was positive, I said YES!"

The Wedding

"Our initial wedding planning involved getting married at the courthouse. We'd been together 5 years by the time we got married. I just wanted to "get er done." We didn't need a big wedding, we didn't want to spend a lot of money, but we wanted to have a good time. My courthouse ceremony eventually transitioned into an actual wedding. The compromise was to get married at the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse. I still got my "courthouse" wedding, but in an elegant setting.  We chose the month of October because the trees are beautiful in Atlanta during the fall. The great thing about our venue was that our wedding was outside (on a beautiful day I might add), but the reception was inside. I was really drawn to the vintage feel of the venue. I loved the woodwork."

You Make Loving So Easy

From him... "I love her caring heart and the fact that she always keeps an open mind."

From her... "Alan is the single funniest person I've ever met in MY LIFE. I love that no matter how bad of a day I may be having, he can bring me out of it with laughter."


Photography: Uzbin Photography
Wedding Dress: New Natalie's Bridal
Makeup: Charmaine Rhodes
Shoes: David's Bridal
VenueGwinnett Historic Courthouse
Florist: Floral Creations



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    Georgia Wedding by Uzbin Photography: Andrea + Alan @uzbin

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    cute couple!!!!…congrats!!

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    Get to know a little more of Andrea + Alan’s story via @munaluchibride

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    I love this couple!! So beautiful!

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    “@Uzbin: Get to know a little more of Andrea + Alan’s story via @munaluchibride” Thx for sharing!

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    Oh my gosh, I love her description of her different walks! So fun. Absolutely beautiful couple … her smile is gorgeous and contagious :) Love the elegant but relaxed and fun feel of their wedding. Congrats!

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    CONGRATULATIONS! You two make an incredibly beautiful couple.

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