Gloria + Deric’s Luxurious Birmingham Wedding

You never know where you’re going to meet that special someone. But when you do, you know instantly, because the butterflies start fluttering...and your mind starts racing...and nerves takeover.  Gloria was busy at work Christmas Eve 2011 in the Levis department of Macys.  One of the customers in her long line needed help finding the right size belt for her son.  A tall and handsome gentleman was kind enough to stop what he was doing and assist.  This is when Gloria first laid eyes on Deric.  She thought it was quite sweet of him to assist a stranger.  Soon it was his turn to checkout.  I greeted him with a smile and asked if he had found everything that we was looking for and he said 'YES.' Then, he asked 'So, what are you getting me for Christmas Gloria?' And I responded by saying 'I don't know (with a smile).' I followed up with the same question 'So, what are you getting me for Christmas?'  He responded, 'Gloria I will have to learn those things' [and] I just gave him a smile.  If you noticed, I did not know his name because I forgot to ask...I was so nervous” says Gloria.

Deric left but hung around the Macy’s department for a while, leaving Gloria to wonder if he was going to come back and ask for her number, or if he was simply just being a nice customer.  Gloria recalls, “The phone rang in my Department (Levis) and by the time I said 'Hello, thank you for calling Macy’s this is Gloria….' The only thing I heard was, 'Gloria, this is Deric, write my number down.' I quickly grabbed a piece of paper, wrote down his number. I repeated the number to him, to absolutely make sure that I had written down his number correctly because I was for sure to be calling him back.  That phone conversation was the beginning of many.

Gloria and Deric had a posh wedding in Birmingham, Alabama planned seamlessly by Joanna of ValiaRose Events and photographed by Andre Brown Photography.  Scroll down to read more about their love story and make sure to check out more photos in the gallery here.


Bride/Groom:  Gloria + Deric
Wedding date:  June 25, 2016
Wedding location:  the Harbert Center in Birmingham
First dance song:  “Kissing You” by Keith Washington

The proposal…"On Christmas Day of 2013, we visited my family in Huntsville, AL. My family gathered at my sister and brother-in-law’s home for gift-opening. Exchanging gifts is always exciting for everyone in the family, especially for the kids. Near the end of gift opening with the family, Deric gave me my Christmas gift which I thought to be the cutest holiday stuff animal that I had ever seen. As I looked at it and graciously thanked him for my gift, I noticed my entire family was looking at me. I really didn’t get it at first until someone said “what is that box that is attached to it?” I took another glance and my mouth dropped open, I knew then, that it was an engagement ring which was a wonderful surprise. There was never a doubt of whether Deric would propose to me at some point, but I did not know exactly when. I only knew that whenever the time came, he would definitely surprise me. And, he did…in the most special way possible. It was even more special because, my family was there to witness the proposal (my mom, dad, my siblings, daughter and his son). Of course, I said “YES, I will marry you!” with a big smile.

Describe your wedding dress. What was wedding shopping like for you?
My wedding dress was a beautiful lace and flare fitted (mermaid style) dress – Designer, Melissa Sweet.  Wedding shopping for me was a great experience. Basically, I already knew exactly what I wanted my wedding dress to look like and I had already visualized (many times) how I would like for it to fit me. After shopping around, trying to find the perfect dress for me, I decided that David Bridals was my choice of where I wanted to get my wedding dress and also the bridesmaid dresses because of their large selection. Once I scheduled the first fitting, the bridesmaids tried on a few dresses and as we narrowed the selection we were able to agree on a dress that was beautiful and fitting for all. Now, when it came to me choosing my dress, I found the dress that I thought would be perfect and I really didn’t have a desire to try on any other dresses but I did just because…. The first dress that I tried on, it was beautiful but I knew that it was not the dress for me, just wanted to give the ladies an opportunity to see me in several dresses so that I could get their opinion. I then tried on the second choice, which was definitely my style and when I walked out of the fitting room, everyone loved the dress – they were complimenting on how beautiful the dress was and that it would be perfect for me. I had to ask if they thought Deric would like the dress… and they said “You look AMAZING and Deric would love the dress.” At this point, there was no reason for me to try on another. I said “YES” to the Beautiful lace and flare fitted (mermaid style) dress.

What is your best memory from your wedding?
Our entire wedding day was all that we wanted it to be. It was Simple, Elegant & Beautiful.  
It was amazing so see so many of our family members and friends there to witness and to help us celebrate.

Although, there is a great deal of memories, I must say that my best memory of our wedding was joining hands, looking into the eyes of Deric and anxiously waiting for the moment to say “I DO.” Deric and I decided to do the traditional wedding vows which was read by the officiant. Actually, the way our officiant phrased the question to us, I should have said “I WILL.” As per the officiant, “Will you have Deric to be your husband…?” I was supposed to say “I WILL” but instead, I slipped and said I DO because this is what I have been waiting to say for a long time. However, I quickly said “I WILL” (with a smile) soon after saying “I DO.” Of course, with my heart beating fast and with me looking into the eyes of my-soon-to-be-husband it was an exciting moment for the both of us. At the end of the day, I DO & I WILL is basically the same meaning and the exchange of vows were very meaningful and special for the both of us.

What is the best wedding advice you could give to engaged couples?
The Best wedding advice that I can give to those that are engaged is to be sure to decide what you want your dream wedding to be. Try best to get a well-experienced wedding planner, this will free you from stress. A Wedding planner will be able to help find and recommend the right vendors that are best for you based on your wedding needs.

Our wedding planner, Joanna Sheppard @ValiaRoseEvents helped to make our wedding day dreams come true. Our Wedding day was AMAZING, stress-free and flawless!

Formalwear: Mr Burch
Dresses: David's Bridal
Flower Girls dresses: Cora Todd
Hair stylist: Hattie Turner
Planner:  ValiaRose Events
Cake:  Cakes by Kim
Floral design:  Akeem Clayton Designs
Chair rentals:  Sweet Seats
Stationery:  Sandi Spells
Levy's Fine Jewelry
Makeup:  Makeup Dash
My Sentiments cutting
Venue:  The Harbet Center
Dj and lighting : B Brian Inc
Transportation:  Diamond Limousines
Hotel accommodations:  Tutwiler Hotel
Band:  Just A Few Cats

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    I enjoyed seeing family. Pop may you and Gloria enjoy each other. The wedding was elegant and fun.

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    Sooooo beautiful the most beautiful I’ve ever seen love you’ll stay in touch


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