Gorgeous Fall Picnic E-Session in New Jersey Park

When Cornell met Juliette at a party celebrating their 8th grade graduation, it was instant puppy love. They exchanged numbers and spoke on the phone daily for two weeks.  Although they lost contact, destiny would bring them back together at a college party. They stayed in touch over the years, and eventually became an official couple.  They had been talking about marriage for a while when Cornell decided to propose on their two year anniversary. He pretended to leave for work, but returned 20 minutes later with flowers and an anniversary card. Juliette knew something was up when her 9 year old daughter started recording them.  Juliette read the beautiful card and noticed it was signed, “Your Fiancé.”  When she looked up, Cornell was on one knee with a ring.  To celebrate 19 years of friendship and love, Juliette and Cornell decided to have an outdoor engagement session with a fall picnic theme. Joy Masi Photography perfectly captured this beautiful couple enjoying nature and basking in the love they have for each other.

  • Bride to be: Juliette Miné
  • Groom to be: Cornell Williamson




How They Met

Cornell and I met in 1995 at a mutual friend's party celebrating our 8th grade graduation. We exchanged numbers that night and in true adolescent fashion, spoke on the phone daily for about 2 weeks. We wouldn't see each other again until college, where we bumped into each other at another party. (We like to party lol). We dated briefly during winter break and returned to our respective colleges. There would be several more chance meetings over the years but the timing was never right. It wasn't until May 2011 that we began talking again and he convinced me to meet him in Cancun for my 30th birthday in July. I agreed! I had such a wonderful time. I saw a different side of him and we've dated ever since.

The Proposal 

Cornell and I had been talking about engagement and marriage for quite some time. In March 2013 he moved an hour and a half away from his home, his friends and family to be with me in Southern NJ. I just knew the ring was coming so I began making plans. For my birthday he took me on a surprise trip to Jamaica however we left as boyfriend and girlfriend. I was crushed. Our 2 year anniversary came and we were to have dinner that night and I just knew that would be the moment. That morning he woke up and left for work. I heard the car drive off and everything. Yet 20 min later he appeared in front of me while I lay in bed, with flowers and a card and he said Happy Anniversary! I also noticed my 9 year old daughter recording us. I read the beautiful card, but all I noticed is that it was signed, "Your Fiancé." When I looked up he was on one knee with a ring. I was so shocked all I could do was laugh and say, "YES!"

The Engagement Session

Our engagement session was actually our second one. We were not happy about our first session with a different photographer. We didn't feel that the photos told our story and captured us as Cornell and Juliette. We made the hard decision to forfeit our deposit and search for a new photographer who got us. I knew Joy Masi was our photographer as soon as I saw her work and meeting her in person confirmed it. Since we are both uncomfortable being in front of the camera we felt that setting a scene would allow us to forget about the camera and just capture us enjoying each other. We decided to have a fall picnic theme complete with wine and basket. Cornell surprised me with rose petals. :-) Joy took the theme and ran with it, finding the most beautiful locations within, Washington Lake Park (NJ). Cornell wanted water and she found several bodies of water we didn't even know existed! The process was easy and we couldn't believe the results!

Looking Forward to the Wedding

Juliette: I am looking forward to seeing Cornell at the alter and finally calling him my husband! It will truly be the best birthday present ever. The culmination of 19 years of knowing each other, seeing each other through highs and lows and ending up as husband and wife is surreal!


Joy Masi Photography

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    I love love love the Beautiful Couple and their pictures are Awesome!!!! Great layout!!!


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