A Greek Love Connection in Florida: Brittany + Walter

We love a good college love story! Brittany Jefferson and Walter Small met at a frat party during their college days at FAMU! Walter saw the beautiful Brittany and her AKA sorority sisters across the room, and he knew he had to meet her. Walter was an "infamous" Omega (member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity) and Brittany's sorority sisters advised her not to talk to him. She tried her best to avoid him all night, but Walter was determined to get Brittany's attention. After a night of strolling and dancing in her pink AKA boots, Walter noticed that Brittany was becoming tired and took the opportunity to introduce himself.  Brittany recalls, "I tried to find a way to get out of talking to him, so I told him that my feet were tired and I was about to leave. Walt said 'Don’t leave! I’ll carry you around the party. Jump on my back!' " True to his word, Walter carried Brittany around the party the rest of the night!!  Although impressed by his chivalrous actions, Brittany was still skeptical and refused to give Walter her number warning him that he would have to "work hard" to get it. That he did. He showed up at all of the AKA functions, and Brittany just kept running into him. Eventually Brittany broke down gave Walter her number (which he memorized because his phone was dead).

Walter's dedication paid off because their college romance bloomed into a beautiful relationship! After years of dating, Walter proposed in Jamaica! They teamed up with Cendino Teme Photography  to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with a fun engagement shoot that showcased the different stages in their relationship: from college "Greek love" to sophisticated, professional adults!  We wish this lovely couple all the best!!



Wedding Date: 05/30/2015
Wedding Location: Pensacola, FL Zion Hope Primitive Baptist Church (ceremony) Hilton Pensacola Beach reception

The Engagement

Since our proposal took place in Jamaica (where the groom's family is from), we wanted to pay homage to the bride's southern heritage for our engagement shoot. We also wanted our engagement shoot to represent the different stages of our relationship. We began dating at 21 years old, so we like to think that we grew up together. We attended college and became young professionals together; and in the future hope to build a legacy. The different scenes showcase these stages of our life together: ”College/Greek Love” photos represent our college years. The “Southern Living” photos represent our laid back life as young professionals and our “Vintage Glam” pictures represent us coming out as husband and wife and starting our new life together. The scenes highlight the evolution of our relationship. Tallahassee is where we met, attended college and started our professional careers, so it was the perfect city to represent the bride's southern roots while also highlighting a place that is dear to us.

Their First Date

When we met at 21 years old we were both broke college students. The groom had to get a little creative with limited funds. Walter took me to a mom and pops restaurant called Savannah's Country buffet "Home of the $2 Breakfast." I had never been there before and I must admit that it was one of the best breakfasts that I have had. It was some down home southern cooking, my favorite! We both realized that breakfast is our favorite meal of the day. This kick started our love for enjoying brunch together, one of our favorite things to do. Afterwards we went to the movies for a matinee and ended up "movie-hopping." Let's just say we made our own personal "2 for 1" special that day. (two movies for the price of one) :-)

Favorite Thing To Do as a Couple 

Visit amusement parks (our first Valentine's Day was a surprise trip to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure), go to the movies, try new restaurants, eat brunch together, and travel.

Wedding Planning 

Wedding planning has been exciting and overwhelming. We have been overwhelmed by the love and support of our family and friends. They are almost as excited as we are. Coming from two big families, and our fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters, planning a large wedding has it challenges but we are so happy that we decided to get a planner. Megan and her team at Megan K Events have helped the process go so smoothly so we can enjoy the fun parts of planning. If there is one tip that we can give: Get a planner!

Looking Forward to the Wedding 

Groom: When the Pastor says "You may now kiss your bride" and I can now kiss her for the first time as my wife.

Bride: walking down the aisle to my husband and saying our personal vows to each other to express our love for one another;becoming husband and wife
As a Couple: celebrating the start of our new life together with all of our family and friends; turning up at the reception!


Photography:  Cendino Teme Photography
Hair:  Kenyetta Ray Ray'diance Salon Tallahassee, FL (no website)
Makeup: Danyelle Carroll
Props: Hemstitch Vintage
Wedding Planner: Megan K Events 
Wardrobe Styling & Event Design: Cherez Hayes & Jarrod Pouncey (bridesmaid & usher in our wedding party)

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