Happy Anniversary: Beyonce and Jay Carter’s 10 Years on the Run

Moguls in their own right, Beyoncé  and Jay- Z began dating when she was only 19 years old. Their romance left the shadows in 2004.  Four years later, in 2008 they tied the knot in, still, one of the most private ceremonies of our time. Today, on April 4, 2018 we celebrate the anniversary of one of our favorite billionaire power couples. Let's take a look back at some of our favorite moments presented to us by The Carters.

1.  When they teased us in blind sight for years.

2. The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards baby announcement that had us all on our knees. ...and then on the floor once we saw Jay and Kanye's adorable reaction.

Photo credit: Viacom

3. In 2013 Bey let us into new territory of her life by sharing her most intimate moments in her HBO special, Life is But a Dream.  After that, our relationship with the Carters evolved.

Photo credit: HBO

4. When Jay-Z presented Beyoncé with the 2014 Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award at VMA’s, everything came full circle for them (more importantly, us). We saw a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a sister who, even after childbirth, never missed a beat.

Photo credit: Viacom

5.  Grammy’s for all. Mr. Carter riddled it best, "What's better than one billionaire?" Two. Together, the couple has accomplished unthinkable feats, and their empire is only growing.

6.  Each familial night out could actually double as a photo spread. We all know Blue Ivy runs a tight ship, though.

7.  Each extraordinary date night looks like an affair not to be missed. (and how we wish we would just be invited to one!)

8.  Let's just say, we were drunk on their love that year, and their 2014 titled Grammy performance was the icing on the cake.

9.  Court side companionship: We don't even need to watch the game when these two are in attendance. Their sideline antics are sometimes more exciting than the halftime show.

Photo credit: Barclay Center

10.  When they said, “I do,” and we finally found out... many years later.

Photo credit: Instagram @Beyonce

We can't believe it has been 10 years already. Through the glorious moments, the elevator rides, the lemonade, and the tea, we have stuck by their side through it all. Here's to us, from Munaluchi, wishing the Carters another 10 and more!

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