Have a 1920’s Inspired Wedding!

Feathers, fringe, lace dripping with pearls, metallic and intricate lines.  Brides cannot get enough of these materials, which scream 1920's elegance and Art Deco glamour.  Many wedding blogs are citing the upcoming release of the visually captivating movie "The Great Gatsby," as a catalyst for the 20s's vintage inspired wedding craze.  (Check out the official movie website for more info and "Great Gatsby" inspiration. )  However, I love the 1920's for more than just its cutting edge fashion and design.

First, the 1920's ushered in a wave of African American creativity and visibility with the Harlem Renaissance.  From the writings of Langston Hughes, Nella Larsen, and Zora Neale Hurston to the blues of Bessie Smith, in the 1920's Black brilliance could not be denied.  Women also established a stronger voice in the 1920's.  Through music, writing, art and fashion, women found outlets to express their individuality and sensuality.  Women's clothing became looser, and dresses became shorter.  Women fought for the right to vote and the feminist movement grew stronger.

So, if you dream of having a vintage wedding, do some research on the era of the 1920’s.  Why not have a glam wedding that also pays homage to a time period that was groundbreaking for both African Americans and women?

If you want more information on this time period to successfully pull off your 1920's themed wedding, take a look at the following links:

For pictures and information on the Harlem Renaissance check out Biography.com or my Harlem Renaissance Pinterest Page! Instead of using table numbers, do something creative and name your tables after famous stars of the Harlem Renaissance like Josephine Baker and place them in vintage picture frames.

Want to know more about 1920's fashion.  Click the link to this 1920's Women's Fashion Page,  and this Art Deco Weddings blog.  Also peruse the fashions of  designers Sue Wong,  and Jenny Packham.  (Sue Wong is super affordable!)  Look for fascinators, headbands, and accessories that incorporate feathers, lace, fringe and pearls.  Consider wearing your hair in finger waves or soft curls. There are many YouTube tutorials on how to do finger waves, and Beyonce looks fabulous sporting this hairstyle in our featured picture!

If you are going to pay homage to the 1920's, you have to incorporate Art Deco into your wedding.  This 1920's art/design movement is  characterized by rich colors,  sharp geometric shapes, and bold metallics.  Use an Art Deco font on all of your stationery, and why not have an Art Deco wedding cake.

The 1920's are also know as the Jazz Age.   Jazz spots, like The Cotton Club in Harlem, featured famous black performers, such as  Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway.  It would be prefect to have a live jazz band at your ceremony/reception.

Finally, for your getaway why not throw feathers instead of rose petals, and hop into a vintage car.

For more inspiration check out my 1920's/Art Deco Wedding Pinterest Page!


Something to make you smile. Watch this 1920's Save the Date video a couple posted on YouTube.  So cute and creative!

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