“Holiday Bridesmaid Party” – Style Shoot by Dream Plan-It Events

For some bridal party inspiration over the holiday season read all about Terrian Freeman's, from Dream Plan-It Events, "Holiday Bridesmaid Party" concept in this glamorous and festive style shoot!

"The inspiration for this shoot came to me a week ago, when my Dreamer contacted me in regards to her bridal party. They had been dropping the ball on their duties and she wanted to have a serious talk with them. I suggested she plan a nice "girls night " for the bridal party to have fun and catch up. This will allow her to create a safe and fun environment for her bridal party to speak freely about their feelings on being a bridesmaid. My Dreamer told me it was the best thing she could have ever done. The "girls night'" gave everyone the opportunity to meet up, have fun, clear the air, and confirm some of the wedding details. Without the pressure!

"So the idea of creating a Holiday Bridesmaids Party came to mind. I know it's engagement season and everyone is excited about their wedding plans. However, what are some fun and exciting ways to incorporate and stay connected with your bridal party during the holidays?

"This styled shoot was designed for the bride to be, who wants to celebrate her bridal party. Being a bridesmaid comes with a long To Do List. And the job can be tough and stressful given the bride to be. This is an opportunity for the bride to celebrate her "bride tribe."

"The idea is for the bride to not only spend time with her family but with the bridesmaids as well. Invite your bridesmaids over for dinner at your house or to a nice restaurant, if space is an issue. Create a fun, light, and glam space for your girls to hang out, eat, drink and let their hair down. The holidays is the perfect time for you to show your appreciation to your bridal party for all their hard work and dedication to your special day.

"If they have been dropping the ball on their duties, this is a great time to feel them out, have a heart to heart, and figure things out. Make sure you stay in the holiday spirit and keep the peace. You don't want to turn this event into an uncomfortable and troublesome meeting.

"I also recommend doing a fun sleepover with your girls. You can either host them at your house our get a hotel suite. Sleepovers are a great way to rekindle the bonds of friendship. Make sure you stock their favorite toiletries, and snacks. Watch a comedic movie to end the night off right.

"Go the extra mile for your girls with a light breakfast. Donuts and coffee can go a long way. Maybe some eggs, if you had a wild night. The "bride tribe" coffee mug is a nice gift for your squad. It will serve as a friendly reminder that she has your back, and you have hers.

"As an wedding designer and planner, I am always looking for ways in which my Dreamers can have fun throughout the planning process and create wonderful memories along the way. The holidays are the perfect time to do something nice for your wedding party or go the extra mile.

I know your girls will love you for it."


Event Designer and Planner - Dream Plan-It Events
Photographer - Sobitart Photography
Floral - Edelweiss Floral Atelier
Stationery - Paper Dreams & Keepsakes
Decor - Ten 23 designs

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