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MunaLuchi Coterie members and wife & husband photography team, Shamane & Jermain, have been working in the field of photography/videography for over seven years with over fours years of wedding specific experience. Specializing in "moment-driven" media, they create candid, natural images - capturing the "true essence" of an event. Proud members of the wedding industry Shamane and Jermain find inspiration in each other, constantly pushing the boundaries of their craft, reaching new creative heights.

Learn all about Yanair Photography in this informative and inspiring in-depth interview.

Describe your business. We are Shamane and Jermain a husband and wife team based in Historic Savage Mills, Maryland where our studio is located. Yanair focuses on all aspects of photography and videography. We specialize in a moment-driven approach media, creating candid, natural images that capture the true essence of each event from wedding, fashion to family photography. Every time we take an image, it's a new experience, a new excitement that helps the clients bring out their inner happiness!

What did you do before starting your business in the wedding industry? Before starting in the wedding industry I did wireless networking IT stuff for the government. It was pretty cool at one point, as I was able to travel the country installing wireless intrusion detection devices at various air traffic control towers at major airports.

How long have you been in the wedding industry? We have had the pleasure to do weddings for over four years now. For us, we thought it was best we learn multiple specialties in photography before approaching weddings.

How would you describe your style? Our style is really moment-driven with a contemporary foundation. But this day and age, we believe you should be able to change your style at a moment's notice based on the client. For instance, if we do a wedding at a venue with an industrial feel we would not edit the images the same way as a wedding at a vineyard.

What motivates you? We are motivated by the challenge to completely blow every client's mind away by the media we deliver. Weddings can be very difficult if you don't pay attention. Our team fully understands this and it really makes for a smooth day for the clients and us. Currently we seem to make clients happy, however we still have daily conversations on how to fine tune the wedding day to make things even better.

Why should brides/grooms choose you? Brides & Grooms should choose Yanair Photography because we pay attention and we care. We try to be as social as we can be while doing our jobs. We welcome any challenge they throw at us. Almost all of our clients stay with us because we also offer other photo-services.

How does your company define and measure success? We measure it by our Bride & Groom's happiness at the end of the wedding day. The fact that we can maintain long term relationships with our clients means everything.

What do you enjoy most about your work? What we enjoy most is the conversations leading up to the wedding, to hear all of the details from our Brides & Grooms and then seeing it in person is amazing!

Describe a proud moment while working in the wedding industry. A proud moment for us is when we were accepted to Munaluchi Bridal as a wedding vendor! It is truly an honor.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received for your work? The best compliments I have received was during a wedding from the Father of the Bride, he told me that we were the best investment he made for his daughter's wedding. This meant a lot because different generations view images differently. On a lighter note, one of the Bridemaids said, "Wow! You take great pictures!" Usually we get, "wow nice camera!" (photographers will understand that joke.)

What are your business goals? Our next business goal is to be the BEST wedding media company in Maryland. We have a long way to go, but we will work for it.

What’s your favorite part of the wedding industry? Our favorite part is two things; Shamane likes the cake, plain and simple; for me, I love bothering DJ's about their gadgets - they have so many buttons to push it's amazing!

What’s your least favorite part of the wedding industry? The least favorite part about the wedding industry was starting out. As most photographers can attest, it's hard to find clients initially who trust you. But you will and once you do, don't mess up!

Describe your vision of the “perfect” wedding. Shamane and I got married in 2015 at the George Peabody Library in Baltimore MD, we already had our dream wedding. Each and every single wedding is a couples' dream wedding and we approach it that way. We can say we haven't been to a wedding we didn't like.

Where do you find the most inspiration? We find inspiration in each other. The fact we can sit and chat about ways to constantly push our limits is so valuable. Like they say, two brains are better than one.

Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know? We do it all, from Pro Sports, Maternity, Newborns, Cake Smashes, Family Portraits & all types of video media. Thank you for reading!

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