It’s Our Three Year Anniversary + A Giveaway from Desla Couture

It was January 5, 2010 when the first issue of Munaluchi went on sale across the country.  Three years ago.  The time has gone by fast and so much has been learned and accomplished in such a short amount of time.  When I started this magazine in 2010, it was simply to provide a source of inspiration for women of color…to provide stylish and well-curated inspiration for brides-to-be and wedding enthusiasts of diverse and multicultural backgrounds.  And since then, it has flourished into so much more.

I'm really overjoyed whenever it's the beginning of the's a good time to refresh, re-energize and prioritize things...and it's a reminder of the journey we embarked upon back in 2010.  No experience, no worries, just faith.   Around this time each year my team and I reflect on the years behind us...the tears, the joys, the mistakes and the triumphs.  We're still here, curating and creating content we know you'll love...and we appreciate you growing with us.

Today is exciting because we get to reveal the cover of our new issue, the Spring/Summer 2013 issue.  This issue will be available for sale next month... you can sign up here to be notified once it's on newsstands.  It's a special issue...special not only because of the features and wonderful talent that contributed, collaborated and helped to create it.  But special because it represents represents growth.  The cover was photographed by my dear friend Elizabeth Messina at The Villa at Sunstone Winery.  It's the 2nd of our covers together and we had a blast working together again.

Here's the cover!  We're sharing images from our styled elopement today as well.  Check back in to see more.


To celebrate the release, we have a sweet giveaway for you courtesy of Desla Couture!


Here are the rules:

  • Leave a comment telling us what you love about this necklace and why you should win it.
  • Follow us on twitter: @munaluchibride and @DESLAcouture
  • TWEET this message for an extra entry:  I entered the @DESLAcouture giveaway on @munaluchibride.  RETWEET to help me win this gorgeous necklace.
  • The giveaway runs from Jan 8th - Jan 19th midnight.
  • Winner will be selected randomly.
  • Giveaway is open to US only.

Good luck and be sure to check back in to see photos from our editorial shoot.

  1. @munaluchiBride

    ON THE BLOG: It’s Our Three Year Anniversary + A Giveaway from Desla Couture

    • JasmineFelicia

      As a newly engaged lady and bride-to-be, I would love to have this beautiful Desla Couture necklace to compliment my wedding gown perfectly. I wanted to incorporate a statement necklace into my look, and this would be perfect.

  2. @Eronmwon_MBM

    Beautiful Necklace! It’s Our Three Year Anniversary + A Giveaway from Desla Couture via @munaluchibride

  3. @munaluchiBride

    RT @amiatEAD: Congrats to @munaluchiBride on their 3 year anniversary + two of our favorite things: a #giveaway and @kissthegroom!


    This necklace is the perfect statement for a simple v-neck or strapless gown. Beautiful and classy!

  5. NaomiVGoodman

    This necklace is gorgeous whether v neck or strapless. Or a simple oxford shirt, a la  Carolina Herrera style with beautiful slacks and a faux fur coat…this is to beautiful not to love!

    • DESLA™ (@DESLACouture)

      exactly how we see it Naomi. Perfect for your big day… and also for a girls night out! We are so pleased you like it, good luck in the giveaway!

  6. @MsLaurie_Anne

    Check it out~~ A Giveaway fr. Desla Couture – Munaluchi Bridal Magazine – entertowin-deslacouture-2 via @munaluchibride

  7. ConstanceSherese

    I love the Annabella necklace because it adds the perfect amount of sparkle & shine to make my wedding dress POP. There is drama, couture, & a classic simplicity about this kind of statement piece and it definitely requires a bold personality to carry off such an attention grabbing necklace. I love, love, love it & I would rock it out if I won it!

  8. ConstanceSherese

    I love the Annabella necklace because it adds the perfect amount of
    sparkle & shine to make my wedding dress POP. There is drama,
    couture, & a classic simplicity about this kind of statement piece
    and it definitely requires a bold personality to carry off such an
    attention grabbing necklace. I love, love, love it & I would rock it
    out if I won it!

  9. @izehi

    Happy 3 year Anniversary to @munaluchibride + a stunning giveaway from @DESLAcouture

  10. CompactTulip

    So beautiful!!

  11. CierraCurtis3

    I love how this necklace gives more coverage for a strapless dress. I should win because this piece would help give me the princess look I am going for at our castle wedding.

  12. Luxury Elopement at The Villa at Sunstone Winery by Elizabeth Messina

    […] is all about the new issue which is going on sale next month.  For the next part of our coverage, we’d like to share […]

  13. mkjmc

    My daughter is getting married in may.  She hasn’t picked out her bridal jewelry yet and this would be so stunning on her

  14. mkjmc

  15. @munaluchiBride

    RT @izehi: Happy 3 year Anniversary to @munaluchibride + a stunning giveaway from @DESLAcouture

  16. Cboone

    This necklace is beautiful! It is classy, elegant, and sexy at the same time. It would go well with my very classy wedding dress. I love the bling to pop my dress. I would love to win this necklace.

  17. hollinsprincess

    I entered the @DESLAcouture giveaway on @munaluchibride. RETWEET to help me win this gorgeous necklace.

  18. hollinsprincess

    I think the necklace is the perfect statement piece that I’ve been searching for.  I have a very plan Vera Wang dress that requires some pop around the neck, and this would be just it!  I also followed boh on twitter, and tweeted the message:

  19. dtp12

    It’s just stunning! I would love to use this in a number of shoots in the future. It would add pop to any dress. Love it!!

  20. @Bethmonique

    It’s Our Three Year Anniversary + A Giveaway from Desla Couture via @munaluchibride

  21. NikBarrett

    It’s beautiful and honestly it’s one less item i would have to search for for my May wedding

  22. jessica_c

    I love this necklace. It is a statement necklace without taking away from the brides natural beauty on her wedding day, which all wedding jewelry should do. I have no accessories yet and this would go perfect with my attire!

  23. KaitlinBoles

    This necklace beyond gorgeous, such a unique piece. I currently do not have any jewelry for my big day which is 10.12.13 and I would be honored if I were to win this. Also with this necklace I would definitely want to to pass this down from generation first starting with my sister if I am blessed to have a daughter I would pass it down to her. I am all for starting traditions and this necklace is definitely tradition necklace! Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  24. KaitlinBoles

    Tweeted on Twitter!

  25. KaitlinBoles

    Following both @munaluchibride and @DESLAcouture on Twitter!

  26. Trena

    What a showstopper! I would love to win this piece, instant heirloom! Crossing my fingers!

  27. Martine Jeanty

    This necklace screams elegance, and I love it.

  28. tamarsw

    It is a beautiful necklace that really amplifies a woman’s body. I love it.

  29. StephI

    This necklace leaves a lasting impression on the woman that is creating her fairytale dream.  The breathtaking details of this timeless piece will be the beginning of an endless love story.  I want this necklace to be my “Once Upon A Time…”

  30. robynparis9

  31. @robynparis9

    I just left a comment in “It’s Our Three Year Anniversary + A Giveaway from Desla Couture”

  32. robynparis9

    i would like to win this necklace because it is a beauty and would look awesome on my daughter

  33. formesa

    I want to give it to my mom to wear on her 50th wedding anniversary this year.  My parents got married in 1963 and I’d like to give my mom “something new” to recreate her special day.  Thanks!

  34. Shmorgan85

    this necklace is AMAZING and I love big statement pieces like this… it would be my honor to wear this piece on my wedding day!

  35. LaShandaTaylor

    I would absolutely love to win this necklace and wear it on my wedding day. Originally, I was not going to wear a necklace but, after seeing this one, I cannot imagine not having it and wearing it on my special day. It is gorgeous… actually, gorgeous does not describe it. This is probably over the top, but I literally got chills when I saw that necklace. Thank you for the giveaway.

  36. LaShandaTaylor

    I am following @munaluchibride and @DESLAcouture on Twitter.

  37. LaShandaTaylor

    I tweeted:

  38. @Chantel_ellyB

    We look forward to this issue of @munaluchiBride coming out soon! Brides will be able to get some copies at @TheBLoft!

  39. john hutchens

    it is a lovely necklace and would be a lasting and beautiful gift for my significant other for our wedding

  40. john hutchens

  41. john hutchens

    following @munaluchibride and @DESLAcouture on Twitter

  42. @munaluchiBride

    RT @Chantel_ellyB: We look forward to this issue of @munaluchiBride coming out soon! Brides will be able to get some copies at @TheBLoft!

  43. Kaitlin Graf

    What a beautiful and amazing piece of jewelry!  I would be so honored to have “Annabella,” a once-in-a-lifetime necklace be part of our big once-in-a-lifetime day!  This would be passed down through our family to keep its elegance and beauty alive for years to come!  DESLAcouture @munaluchiBride

  44. Gabi

    I love this necklace because of the amazing statement piece!

  45. Gabi

    I follow both on twitter!

  46. Gabi


  47. Rachel

    I absolutely love this necklace. The bead work is stunning and the way it lays on a body can only add to a wedding dress. I would be thrilled to wear this at my wedding and display such incredible art.

  48. Rachel

  49. buttmuffin

    the necklace is truly awe inspiring and i feel i would be worthy of it :P would love to win it :-)

  50. buttmuffin

    following you both on twitter, and i tweeted

  51. Christine

    love the princess look and would love cause I have the perfect dress for this

  52. Alisa Barnes

    This necklace would make my dress pop and sparkle even more and would be all I need to complete the look!

  53. Angela Easter

    I love this necklace because it is beautiful and different. I is a showstopping statement piece!

  54. thewritewayfaye

    I love how this necklace accentuates the cleavage without making it obvious that you are not so well endowed! I love the sparkle of the crystals and the way it falls on the breast. I also love that it can be dressed up with a strapless gown or dressed down with a tee and cardigan and some mean heels! The versatility of the piece is amazing. I would love to own such a wonderful statement piece and add it to my jewelry box…

  55. thewritewayfaye

    6m Faye ?@NyDymePiece
    I entered the @DESLAcouture giveaway on @munaluchibride. RETWEET to help me win this gorgeous necklace.
    Expand Here is my twee!

  56. @disarmingrebel

    I love to keep things simple, and this gorgeous piece would be all the statement needed! Pick me! :)

  57. Kay Houck

    I would like to win this necklace because it is a gorgeous statement piece. I will be wearing my grandmother’s handmade gown, which is simple and lovely, and this necklace would enhance the dress with an eye-catching dramatic effect.

  58. Torsheika Maddox

    My husband-to-be is a consummate gentleman, with an infectious smile, and an unshakeable Love for God; I am marrying the man of my dreams. My husband-to-be cannot afford to give me everything he thinks I deserve, such as a breathtaking statement necklace like the Annabella necklace, courtesy of Delsa Couture, but he desires to give me the world. Winning this necklace would bring joy to my husband-to-be while enhancing the traditional yet classic feel of the wedding and my wedding dress.

  59. Stephanie Gray Chang

    Congratulations on three years! Beautiful necklace….

  60. Leanna French

    This necklace is so unique and it shines making it a definite stand-out piece. And also, a very close friend of my older sister’s is getting married this summer, and she doesn’t have a lot of money so I think it would be so amazing to gift this to her

  61. sadia

    This is so beautiful and would make a great “something” new for my sister’s wedding.

  62. Yemisi

    Because I will fabulously represent Munaluchi!

  63. shannon trammell

    this is one of the most beautiful peices of art in the form of a knecklsce! super fab,would love to erar it when i celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary,we didnt hv a traditional wrdding so we went to the justice of the peace and i would love to waer a dress this time snd see my husbsnd in a tuxedo and get to be glamorous with this beautiful jewlry from u guys.

  64. Angel Shaw

    This necklace is gorgeous! I deserve to win it because I work hard as a teacher and don’t make a lot of money. This necklace would really dress up the simple gown I’m choosing for my beach wedding. Saving the money will really help me realize my dream.

  65. JustBree

    This beautiful necklace would be a perfect addition to my wedding dress. It’s so uniquely beautiful. I feel that it will go along perfectly for a spring outdoor wedding . I sent a picture to my fiance who is currently deployed and he loved it also.

  66. BethE

    I am remarrying after being widowed for 7 1/2 years and since my fiance was so wonderful in loving me with all of my baggage, I want to be the most beautiful bride for him. If I won this exquisite necklace, I think it would seal the deal.

  67. Susan Carroll

    Simply beautiful, and it would be the perfect piece for my niece!

  68. LeShawnda

    I would love to win this necklace. It’s gorgeous & timeless. Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary. I have been inspired by so many of the photos. I love it:)

  69. Desiree Sanchez

    I would love to win this beautiful necklace because it would go perfect with my gown and it would make me feel beautiful on my special day!

  70. Millicent Berry

    I love this necklace for what it is-SIMPLE BEAUTY. It will make a good staple among my jewelry. I should win because I will take great care of it and make it an heirloom.

  71. Santania Flintroy

    This necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I can envision this necklace with my dress perfectly. With the simplicity of my dress my jewelry will be what makes the whole ensemble come together with the wedding theme I’ve chosen: modern country chic.

    Çongratulations on making it 3 years!!!! I’ve been following this website for quite a few months now & I’ve gotten soooooo many wonderful ideas from here. I wish I could incooperate them all somehow.

  72. nickie

    I love the balance of sparkle and shine.


  73. Jaye Chevont'e (@CurlzNPumpz)

    I love this necklace because it is a statement piece, and so eye-catching. I would love to win this necklace because it will be a signature item to compliment my wedding dress, and make my special day that more special.

  74. Linda Morris Jackson

    This is a beautiful unique necklace and I would wear it well. I am married already but I would find a special place to wear this gorgeous piece!

  75. Mercy

    Every woman deserves to feel like an empress on her wedding day – this necklace is that signature piece that would accomplish that. It would be a dream to wear this gorgeous necklace on my wedding day.

  76. Kay Simes

    I love the elegant aesthetic of this necklace. It would be the perfect complement to my wedding day attire.

  77. katherine d.

    I love the vintage-feel to the necklace – very classy! And I should win because I’m a bride-to-be fresh out of college and up to my neck in student loans!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  78. katherine d.

    follow both on twitter @kayday3

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  79. katherine d.


    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  80. charlesetta norman

    This necklace is beautiful and I am 52 and I am getting married in december I have never owned anything and I would love to walk down the aisle in that necklace hope I win

  81. diane Baum

    I love the necklace’s classy and sopistication

  82. Patrice Roberts

    This necklace embodies elegance and sophistication. I love that it would add the va-va-voom ti ANY gown.

  83. Rose

    It would be such an honor to win such a gorgeous piece of jewelry from such an important magazine!.
    If I won this necklace, I would wear for my wedding day and my wedding night! In fact, I’m not sure I would ever take it off!

  84. Brittney House

    I’m getting married this summer and this necklace would go PERFECTLY with my wedding dress. It is strapless.

  85. Brittney House

    I tweeted.

  86. Thomas Chappell

    I like that it demands attention and I want to win ti to give to my wife she is such a hard worker and great mother i wish I could give her an amazing gift.

  87. Thomas Chappell


  88. Thomas Chappell

    @munaluchibride followed

  89. Thomas Chappell

    @DESLAcouture followed

  90. Clark Jocelyn

    The necklace is the perfect statement piece for the sweetheart neckline of my lace fit and flare wedding gown!

  91. Kaitlin Graf

    Good luck to everyone applied! Last day to enter is today! :)

  92. shannon barnes

    I’m getting married in april and would love to wear this on my wedding day!!!

  93. Brittany McAlpin

    When I first saw this necklace one word came to mind: DISTINCTIVE! I am a lover of decor and fashion that really makes a statement and this necklace would go so well with the overall theme of my wedding!I’m getting married Augusut 17, 2013!

  94. kellie cosby @cosby_show

    Reasons why I should win this necklace:
    1. I haven’t been on twitter in months. However….for this necklace, exception has been made
    2. If I don’t win it, I will be forced into a DIY project and try to make one myself. *cuts collar off white tee*
    3. My neckline is famous. This necklace is fantastic. It only makes since.

  95. Marie Nicole

    OMGee…this is stunning! My eyes always seem to find the very things that are beyond my ‘educator’ budget :-) This is the perfect “something new” to add to the elegance of my custom-made gown! A first-class creation, DESLAcouture…I’m ready to ROCKit!

  96. Jenni from the Block (@missjennibelle)

    My dear friend is getting married soon and I would love to be able to surprise her with this stunning piece of jewelry. It would perfectly accent the dress she’s chosen! Help me be bridesmaid of the year by picking me :)

  97. Crystal Kelsey

    I just love this Annabella necklace it is very elegant and stylish! I’m getting married soon in this would be the perfect finish to my wedding dress. It is very distinctive ,modern, classic all in one !

  98. kfloveinme

    O to the M to the Geeee! My heart practically stopped when I saw this piece of beauty! It’s absolutely exquisite! It’s exactly what I’m looking to give my ensemble the WOW factor! With my fiance out of work for about a year we are trying to making ends meet with our wedding by DIY’ing all paper goods, cutting out unnecessary miscellaneous. Winning this will free up some money for other things.

    Thanks for this fab giveaway!

  99. kfloveinme

    I followed munaluchibride and DESLAcouture on twitter @mskenyaf

  100. kfloveinme

    I tweeted @mskenyaf

  101. Wendy Wallach

    I follow both on twitter as @madamerkf andvI love how elegant it looks andvI want to win it because I will look amazing when I wear it!

  102. ally marie

    i love this necklace and would love to win this to wear on my wedding day

  103. Tammy

    This necklace is stunning…it makes me dance on the inside :-) this would be beyond PERFECT on my wedding say!

  104. Jonille Alexander

    This necklace is vavVavavavavavava VOOM!!!!!!! It would compliment my dress and ME spectacularly..wooohooo. :)

  105. intime1

    I would love this necklace to win for my daughtter for her wedding day

  106. intime1

  107. Alison Wood

    I love the look of this necklace. It’d go perfectly with my wedding dress I just bought!

  108. Denise

    I love it because it’s beautiful!

  109. diane Baum

    I love this and it would be a perfect gift to celebrate 30 years of marriage

  110. Estela S

    This is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect complement to an elegant dress.

  111. susan smoaks

    i love how big and beautiful the necklace is, i would feel luxurious with this necklace on

  112. Sand

    I love that it’s a statement piece and I should win it because I don’t have anything like it.

  113. laura588

    I would love to win this as I love its simple elegance. My husband and I are renewing our vows in June as he is in the Army and iour first wedding was at the courthouse as he was being deployed the next day. This wedding will be the one of my dreams and the necklace would complete the day.

  114. @natmmom

    It’s Our Three Year Anniversary + A Giveaway from Desla Couture via @munaluchibride

  115. @natmmom

    I entered the @DESLAcouture giveaway on @munaluchibride. RETWEET to help me win this gorgeous necklace.

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