Jade and Guy’s Romantic University Engagement in Queens

Perhaps it was an intervention of fate that brought Jade & Guy together, when during a high school senior trip their separate schools selected the same destination and time. Crossing paths they soon found themselves deep in conversation while enjoying a dance. According to Jade, "knew at that very moment that he wanted me to be his wife." A friendship quickly formed, carrying over into college, until their feelings of love became undeniable - taking their relationship to the next level. It wouldn't be long before Guy's high school epiphany began to take shape as he planned their perfect proposal...

Read all about Jade & Guy's love story, proposal, and wedding aspirations, in their romantic university engagement in Queens - beautifully captured by MunaLuchi Coterie member Nana Annan Photography.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Jade & Guy
Occupations: Attorney & Youth Counselor
Wedding date: September 29, 2019
Wedding location: Crest Hollow Country Club
Location of Engagement shoot: St. John's University - Queens Campus

Tell us how you met. Guy and I met in 2006 during our High School senior trip. I attended Louis D. Brandeis High School and Guy attended Beach Channel High School. It so happened that both our respective schools were hosting their senior trips in Pine Grove, New York. After dancing together at a party, I did not think much of it, but Guy had other plans. Let him tell it, he knew at that very moment that he wanted me to be his wife. After the trip we stayed in contact as friends.
That fall I went off to attend college at the University of Connecticut and Guy attended Nassau Community College. It was in the first semester of our freshman year that we decided to give dating a try. On September 29, 2006 Guy asked me to be his girl. Guy then transferred to Lincoln University, P.A during his sophomore year. We continued dating throughout college, and made our long distance relationship work. During our sophomore year I become a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. and Guy became a member of Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity Inc. We attended College Homecomings, Step Shows and tons of Greek events together. Lincoln became my second home and UCONN became Guy’s.

Tell us about the proposal. We have a tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day the weekend after the actual day. So, Valentine’s weekend of 2017 was no different, I asked Jade to book a room at The William Vale, for a weekend of surprise and to celebrate what was to be a weekend we would never forget. We planned to spend the long weekend exploring Brooklyn and planned to catch an Islanders game to end it all.
For weeks, Jade had been trying to convince me to try vegan cuisine, so I found the perfect Pan Asian vegan restaurant, and made a reservation at Wild Ginger. As Jade and I got ready for our lunch date I thought to myself, “ How the heck am I going to get this ring box in my pocket without Jade noticing?” I somehow got the box into my jacket pocket and it was time for us to take the first steps to the rest of our lives. So we arrived to the restaurant and without being suspicious I coordinated with the waitress, to assure that out big moment was recorded. We decided that the code word would be “we would like the bill.” I called for the bill right as Jade and I exchanged a few intimate words to conclude our dinner. The waitress began to walk over to us with the bill and to her surprise Jade’s response was “we haven’t reviewed the dessert menu.” At this very moment I took a knee with a small red box in my hand that symbolized an eternity of happiness. I turned to Jade and said “Jade, will you take this journey through life with me?” To my surprise I received a “Are you serious? No, you’re serious?” but that was immediately followed by a YES and a kiss.
I had another surprise up my sleeve for this important moment. I wanted us to be surrounded by individuals who encouraged and supported our relationship throughout the years. Therefore, it was only right to invite a few of my line brothers, a few of her sorority sisters and some of my childhood friends to celebrate this moment with us. And just like that, a new chapter in our relationship had begun.

Describe your engagement session. We decided that we wanted to have our engagement session some place symbolic to us both. We both were born and raised in Queens, New York and the majority of our relationship was spent on college campuses. For eight years of our relationship we focused on our education and professional development. Therefore, the majority of our memories together were at UCONN, Lincoln or Widener (where I attended law school). So, we picked St. John's University’s Queens campus for our photo shoot. We opted for a formal theme because St. John’s had various locations with beautiful architecture.
Our shoot was scheduled to begin at 10 am, so naturally I started my day early to get my hair and make-up done. When I arrived at St. John’s a little past 10 am, Guy and Nana (our photographer) were awaiting my arrival and had already mapped out the route for our shoot. Of course, everything didn’t go smoothly. When we got to the first location I discovered I had lost one of my heels during my Uber ride to the location. But Nana came up with a plan and just like magic we were able to retrieve my shoe and start the shoot. Look at our engagement pictures, who would have known all that chaos occurred?

What did you do on your first date? We went to the movies on our first date. It so happened that we both loved comedies and “Little Man” had just released in theaters. So, that was the movie we both agreed on watching.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? We are foodies, so we love visiting new restaurants and trying various cuisines from different cultures. We also will never pass up an opportunity to go wine tasting or attend an Oktoberfest event.

How has wedding planning been so far? Wedding planning has been rather interesting so far. We lucked out, in that we have vendors who truly enjoy us as people and don’t merely see us as clients. As a result, wedding planning has been a positive experience. It truly feels as if our close friends are assisting in making our big day all that we dreamed of.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. We look forward to our reception and dancing the night away with all our close friends and family. Guy and I love celebrations but due to our crazy schedules we have not had the opportunity to kick back with our college friends and family like we used to. So, we hope that our reception would not only be a celebration of our love but a huge reunion.

Photographer: Nana Annan Photography

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  1. Amari

    I am sooo happy for my cousin Jade and her amazing man Guy! They are the cutest couple and I can only hope and pray for something as beautiful as what they share! I love you guys and can’t wait for September!!!


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