Jeanine and Joshua’s Romantic Destination Engagement in Paris

Jeanine and Joshua's love story began in freshman year of high school, where they would share passing glances in the hallway. Their first date was senior prom followed by dinner and an evening of "impeccable" conversation, spending "hours and hours...lost in each other." Fifteen years later they would be engaged in a romantic surprise proposal, and are both looking forward to celebrating their union with family and friends in Chicago this August.

Read all about Jeanine & Joshua's love story, proposal and wedding aspirations in their romantic destination engagement in Paris, France.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Jeanine & Joshua
Occupations: Executive Team Leader & Banker
Wedding Date: August 11, 2018
Wedding Location: Chicago, IL
Location of Engagement Shoot: Paris, France

How did you meet? We met at Whitney Young High School our Freshmen year in 2003. We would pass each other in the hallway simply saying “Hi" and "Bye," not knowing 15 years later we would be engaged to be married. Joshua decided to change his complete class schedule to match mine to simply get to know me better and get closer to the woman of his dreams. We became boyfriend and girlfriend officially after we attended prom together and graduated in 2007.

Tell us your proposal story. The two of us always knew we were the ones for each other. Neither of us had any doubt in our mind we were meant to be husband and wife someday. I always told Josh, the day he proposes I better be dressed as if I was going to an awards show or to meet my favorite; Beyonce. Simply flawless! We had just moved into our very first town home and were planning for a Housewarming! While I was extremely consumed into that, he was planning a moment I would never forget in my life. The night before, our cousins that were getting married, came into town to take care of wedding business for themselves. One of those things included me attending a bridesmaid makeup trial with the Bride. It was an extremely rainy Saturday and I honestly didn’t feel like doing anything! He tried to force me to wear this outfit I originally had planned, but I just wasn’t in the mood. Our makeup took forever and we were already behind schedule for the housewarming so I told him “Nope! I’m not getting it done!” He made sure I did, thank goodness! We all then went out to breakfast at Wildberry Cafe. I ate my favorite, we talked, we laughed and had an overall amazing time. Afterwards, while it was still raining, the boys pulled out blindfolds and told my friend and I to put them on. I’m working on being submissive so I did it! When I put mine on, Salimah took hers off unknowingly. We walked over to The Bean at Millennium Park, he asked me to take off the blindfold only for me to see over 40 members of our family and friends! Some even from out of town! As the rain mixed with my tears, and he took one knee, I was still in disbelief. When he asked, there was no other answer but YES! He then surprised me with a flight itinerary to Paris and told me were taking an "Engagement-cation" trip! Simply the best day of my life!

Describe your engagement session. Our engagement session in Paris was everything I could have imagined and more. We both have similar style and taste when it comes to the level of class we like to exemplify. Our theme, which is also the theme of our wedding is “Watch The Throne.” We have been together now almost 11 years and this is something we all have been waiting for. When I say "all," I do mean all! We are over the top with any and everything we do and that’s something I enjoy because we will only be having this moment once!

What did you do on your first date? On our first date after prom, we went to iHop! We were supposed to catch a movie, but didn’t make it. The conversation was impeccable. That’s when I knew this was more than a summer fling before college. We sat for hours and hours talking and got lost in each other. In high school, I kissed enough frogs and felt relieved to finally get my Prince Charming.

What’s your favorite thing to do as a couple? We love to do quite a few things as a couple. One of them is definitely hosting events! We are extremely family and friend oriented and love spending quality time and throwing gatherings where new memories can be created. It’s safe to say, we are the life of the party! We enjoy a good time! We also love to travel! Growing up, neither of us has had the privilege of traveling a lot, so we are blessed that we are able to now, together. We’ve been to multiple cities across the country. We’ve also been to a few places out the country as well such as Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, France and England to name a few! If we could travel for a living, that’s what we would do! Being able to create these experiences with each other makes it all the better!

How has wedding planning been so far? Because of the fact event planning is a hobby of mine, we decided to not hire a Wedding Planner. I wanted to be extremely hands on in each and every decision that has to be made. If I said it has been easy, I would be lying! There are long nights, early mornings, dreams and nightmares about the big day and of course unforeseen hiccups that always arise. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world though. Growing up, every little girl dreams about how perfect the day will be when they marry their soulmate. I am happy Josh has been extremely interactive and we’ve been a dominating duo!

Tell us what you’re looking forward to most on the wedding day. There are so many things we are looking forward to on the wedding day. The number one thing is simply going from Ms. to Mrs.. I lost my mom to Cancer when I was only 15. Although absolutely no one can fill that void, it is a blessing to have someone that loves me unconditionally through it all. I am also looking forward to the execution! I have so many things planned to drop the jaws of my guests and I cannot wait! It will truly be, an experience! Not an average wedding that you will forget about the next day. This is a wedding 11 years in the making, so to say this will truly be an event will be an understatement! We’re so excited!

Photography: Christian Perona of Paris for Two Photography
Hair Stylist: Asia King
Makeup Artist: Lindsay Terro

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