Johnte’ and Ikem’s Stunning Beach Wedding in Mexico

"'Serendipity' is a chance occurrence of pleasant events; the finding of something of value in places you weren’t originally looking for it, or simply put - luck. The coming together of Johnte’ and Ikem was nothing short of serendipitous..."

Featured in the Summer 2017 Issue of MunaLuchi Bride Magazine, Johnte' & Ikem's stunning beach-front resort wedding in Mexico is sure to leave you inspired and dreaming of a destination getaway. Featuring the work of Houston MunaLuchi Coterie Ambassador Chioma Nwogu of Dure Events, and MunaLuchi Coterie member Isabella InvitationsSee the entire Vendor list below and view the complete selected gallery by photographer Alakija Studios here.

Bride & Groom: Johnte’ & Ikem
Location of wedding: The Finest Resorts - Playa Mujeres, Mexico
Wedding date: 7/23/2016

“Serendipity” is a chance occurrence of pleasant events; the finding of something of value in places you weren’t originally looking for it, or simply put - luck. The coming together of Johnte’ and Ikem was nothing short of serendipitous. On their initial meeting, originally out with friends, they would do nothing more than exchange business cards through casual dialogue. A year later destiny appeared to step in when they saw each other three times in the same week, each time at a different location. With the business card received a year ago still in his possession, Ikem called Johnte with an invitation to dinner. A common love of food and wine would initially connect them as their love continued to blossom from that point on.

The proposal would take place a year and a half later at the Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami, Florida. It was an evening of fine dining; an eight course candlelit dinner of wine and champagne pairings...soft music decorated the atmosphere. For the culinary grand finale, the Chef presented an array of desserts at their poolside cabana. As the Chef began to describe the desserts, “Mary You” by Bruno Mars played in the background. One extravagant confection in particular issued dry ice smoke from under its covering. Ikem reached to remove the cover causing a soft cloud to form over the table, slowly fading to reveal not a dessert but a ring box. Ikem took the box and as he got down on one knee to propose, Johnte, swept up in the emotional beauty of the moment, admits to “remembering little to nothing of what was said,” only knowing that she herself responded with a resounding “yes.”

The wedding took place at the Finest Resorts in beautiful Playa Mujeres, Mexico. The bride looked stunning in a vintage Parisian inspired lace wedding gown that was every bit as timeless as it was elegant. In a tropical paradise, surrounded by family and friends, Johnte and Ikem were joined as husband and wife. The reception incorporated elements of Ikem’s Nigerian culture including traditional attire, the offering of the kola nut, and modern Naija music.

Memories: Johnte: “My best memory was having my 18 month old son walk me down the aisle (like a big boy!) to his father who was doing everything he could to hold back tears. It was a very emotional and surreal moment for me.”
Ikem: “Another great memory is our first dance. We decided to have our first dance alone and have our guests be spectators, looking down from the sky lounge where our cocktail hour was held. It was just my wife and I, dancing to a beautiful rendition of Donnie Hathaway’s ‘Song For You,’ and being completely mesmerized by the flawless décor, the picturesque sky, and the bluest ocean. It was absolutely perfect.”

Advice: Johnte: “There will ALWAYS be something that goes wrong, but accept it as a part of your story. I remember saying if my son spills ketchup on my dress right before the wedding, I’m walking down the aisle just like that! It would have been who we are as a family…things happen, laugh about it and move on.”
Ikem: “Think about the quality of life you want to have after the wedding. We bought a home prior to our wedding to ensure we kept what was most important in prospective. We wanted to have a beautiful wedding but not at the expense of our future goals.”

Bride's dress: La Réve Bridal Couture
Bride's shoes: Christian Louboutin
Ceremony venue: Finest Playa Mujeres
Event decor/design: Katie Wall of Alquimia Events
Event planner: Chioma Adure Nwogu-Johnson of Dure Events
Florals: Alquimia Events
Groom's attire: Philip Adesulu
Groom’s shoes: Tom Ford
Groom/Groomsmen hair: Scott Wright
Hair: Ronnee Legington of Belaan Beauty
Linens: Décor To Remember
Makeup: Ronnee Legington of Belaan Beauty
Photography: Jide Alakija of Alakija Studios
Reception venue: Finest Playa Mujeres
Stationery: Isabella Invitations

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