Kehinde + Chiedozie: {Engaged}

Kehinde and Dozie locked eyes across the hall as they looked at each other and smiled. Behold, a friendship was born! That friendship would lead to love and eventually, to deep love - you know, the kind that makes you sure you want to spend the rest of your life together!

Their beautiful engagement session was photographed by Raheem of Rhphotoarts Photography.

The Bride: Kehinde Adesoye
The Groom: Chiedozie Ekweribe
Date of Engagement Session: 03.26.2012
The Location: Hotel Derek; Seabrook, TX

The Meeting ..... "Dozie and I met in college at the University of Oklahoma. We were both teaching/research assistants and had offices opposite each other. We were both very driven and fun-loving. It was only a matter of time before we started to notice each other a bit more and what started out as a good friendship turned into deep-rooted affection, and finally into love."

The Proposal ..... "The proposal was simply amazing! I received an email from my boss inviting me to a special dinner together with some other colleagues since we recently had been recognized by management for our contributions. On the day of the dinner, I chatted with my sister and Dozie on the phone about what to wear. I got to the restaurant on time as usual and I kept texting my sister to pass time. A friend of Dozie’s walked up to me and started chatting about what a coincidence it was that he was there to have dinner with his wife. We got talking while I waited for my colleagues; and then I noticed the entrance: A trail of individuals walked in holding roses. I just thought, "Jeez what's going on?" Then, I realized they were walking towards me! It was my sister from Chicago, her friend from Boston, my brothers from Oklahoma, Dozie's brother from Boston and a close couple friend here in Houston! They were handing me their roses while I just stared in amazement. My man walked in behind them, got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said, "YES" and laughed for joy. The rest of the dinner was surreal. I couldn't believe what had just happened!"

The Engagement Shoot ..... "Our engagement photoshoot themes were "contemporary/chic" and "natural". The contemporary shots were taken at Hotel Derek - the hotel for our wedding reception. It was an opportunity to explore the hotel and also have a good time. Sincerely, finding the dress to portray the cool and sophisticated look we wanted was tough; but once I set my eyes on that dress, I was done! Dozie got tired of waiting for me to decide on my dress and chose to wear all black to match whatever I finally chose :). As you can see, it all worked out well. The "natural" shots were on a boat in Seabrook, TX. Our photographer gave us this idea which we absolutely loved. We were just our real selves and spent more time cracking up than focusing on the pictures which surprisingly came out nice! For us, it was like being on vacation with your photographer. It was an amazing experience."

{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "The one thing he loves most about me is that I'm fun and full of life. There's no awkward moment when we spend time together and he absolutely loves my smile. It's so romantic when he tells me that mine is the smile he wants to see everyday even in his old age."

She loves ..... "One thing I love most about Dozie is his integrity. It is refreshing to meet a man whose words are as valuable as money in the bank. Dozie tells it as it is. He is so transparent with his love, affection and feelings. I just love him!"

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Photography: Raheem of Rhphotoarts Photography
Hair/Makeup: Tokini of Lyzadora
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