Ken and Barbie’s Traditional Nigerian Wedding

Ok, so there are tons of styled shoots being done each day with gorgeous models, designer gowns, and picturesque backdrops.  The "styled shoot" we're sharing with you today is nothing like you've seen in the past.  The models are beautiful...but they're barbies.  Yes, Barbie and Ken kind of barbies!  And the traditional Nigerian outfits are insane.  Take a look at this one-of-a-kind shoot put together by Obi Nwokedi and his wife.  Here's what Obi had to say about this shoot...

So I got bored sometime last December, and then came across French photographer Beatrices' Barbie and Kens' wedding shoot, and with some inspiration from the black Barbie shoot on Italian Vogue, I decided to create a Nigerian Traditional wedding shoot with black Barbie and Ken…it started up as a pretty simple shoot that would have taken about a week or so, and ended up taking up to 5 months.  I had to enlist my wife to help out with the outfits, as well as with searching the internet for all the little accessories.  Anyway, I'm glad it's now done, and glad I can get rid of the dolls…I was beginning to get weird looks from my son whenever I came home with a barbie and he's asking if it was for me, or for his baby sister… Anyway, hope you like the shoot...

Who made all the cute outfits?  Design and sewing was done by my wife, Olachi.
How long did it take to put this together?  It took 5 months to complete, particularly because we had to source the little barbie accessories from all over the world (very little of them were bought here in UK ... you can hardly find black barbies out here).
What was your favorite part of this "style" shoot?  I'll confess, it wasn't a fun shoot, because the details were so tiny, barbies don't stand, so I really had to improvise (build a set, string them up like puppets, and clone out the strings).... but I was pretty happy with the whole thing when it was all done.

Obi is also an very talented photographer based in the UK.  He photographed this shoot perfectly.  Enjoy this brilliant interpretation of Nigerian culture and hope you are inspired to think outside of the box.

barbie getting ready...

how cute are these little barbie loubs!

Awesome job Obi and kudos to your wife for helping you put this together.  It's definitely one-of-a kind.  Check out more of Obi's work on his site.  Click here for the FULL gallery.

  1. laolu

    this is SO CUTE!! i was laughing non stop at the last shot (of the drunk ken dolls with the barbie on the dj stand) and the shot of the ken and barbie dancing and dropping it low was tooooo much! excellent!

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  3. Neakey

    What a brilliant idea! I hear Mattel calling. “Nigerian Ken and Barbie- Special Edition” The female DJ is a very nice touch.

  4. Yinks

    Brilliant as a word does not begin to describe the interpretation here! WOW.

  5. Terrica

    This is so adorable! I love it (the last photo is awesome!). Truly innovative and creative. Great work!

  6. Onikepo

    EXCELLENT work and AMAZING attention to detail! Wow. I LOVE IT!!

  7. Feyisola Ogunfemi

    This is adorable! Awesome photography work. And your wife? Well, she needs to go into designing African barbie clothes, lol. I’m sure there are couples looking to have extravagant cake toppers, shower favors, or even wedding favors and this would be the ultimate solution!

  8. oluchy


  9. Deb

    my spirit just left my body OMG

  10. Michelle

    Absolutely adorable! !


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