Kerri and Bravion’s Romantic Retro-Glam Engagement in Dallas

Not all first dates go according to plan, but when you still leave smiling it can be a sure sign of true love in the making. Trying something new for the both of them, Kerri and Bravion decided to dine at a fondue restaurant for their first date. After struggling with the process they left the restaurant hungry and picked up some burgers and fries. Now a treasured story of their love life together, they are adding a new chapter to that book, embarking on the journey of happily-ever-after as husband and wife.

Read all about Kerri & Bravion's love story, surprise proposal, and wedding aspirations in their romantic retro-glam engagement in Dallas - captured by MunaLuchi Coterie member Pharris Photography.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Kerri & Bravion
Occupations: IT/Transportation Business Co-Owner & Transportation Business Owner/Operator
Wedding location: Dallas Arboretum
Location of Engagement shoot: NYLO Dallas South Side

Tell us what you do on your first date. I love telling this story because we both laugh about it now. Back when we were really young Bravion really wanted to impress me so he took us somewhere even he hadn't been before. It was a fondue style restaurant and neither of us knew what to expect. We were both hungry, we had to cook the food ourselves, which took forever and it turned out awful. We both left hungry and if I remember correctly we grabbed burgers and fries afterwards!

Tell us all about the proposal. He had been acting strange the whole day. We were on the last day of a week long vacation in Mexico and Bravion kept reminding me of our dinner reservation. With him typically being the planner between us, I shrugged it off as him wanting to end our vacation on a high note.
The day started off great! We rode bicycles from our villa to breakfast, enjoyed the spa and were headed back to our room to relax when it began to rain lightly. While back in our room, Bravion began to fret about the weather and kept asking me to check forecasts. I was more upset because I couldn't tan, but again, he was worried about dinner.
The rain continued through the time we had to head out to eat. He planned for a boat ride over to a beach side restaurant, when we got there the rain and wind continued, the place was empty with the exception of a single table in the middle of the room. The only sounds came from the stormy wind and rain.
We sat and enjoyed what seemed like an endless meal, I mean the food kept on coming. The waiter placed down the last covered entree and left without lifting it up. As I reached over to lift up the cover, Bravion grabbed my hand and dropped to one knee. At that moment the world fell silent. I looked at him perplexed and began to take in the moment. A quick glance around the room and I see the wait staff huddled and peeking through the kitchen doors. I looked back at Bravion. His lips were moving, but I was lost in the moment and couldn't believe what was happening. Until this day, I could not tell you what his exact words were, but I do know that he asked me to marry him. The weather didn't matter, in all honesty we could've been in the rain and it would not have taken away the meaning of that moment. And of course I said YES!

Describe your engagement session. We knew we wanted something different that would stand out and loved the idea of a retro glam theme with pops of color. We suggested one of our favorite date night spots in Dallas as the backdrop to our photographer, Josh Pharris. The 1934 Packard was the prop that really brought our theme to life. Once there, Josh had already scouted out some great backdrops in the surrounding areas. From there we let Josh Pharris work his magic!

What are your favorite things to do as a couple? Our favorite thing to do as a couple is to travel. We both have an adventurous side to us and being able to experience different cultures and foods is something we both look forward to. We vacation internationally at least once a year and often do spur of the moment domestic weekend getaways (Vegas is our favorite!).

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. Wedding planning is definitely stressful, knowing the day is upon the horizon brought relief. I'm thankful for the vendors that have listened to my needs.

Photography: Pharris Photos
Makeup Artistry: Jamie Dionne
Hair Styling: Studio Touba 

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