Kimberly and Andre’s Charming Favorite Places Engagement in Atlanta

Kimberly and Andre's love story began in 2014 when her and a co-worker were enjoying an evening out, each looking to perhaps find themselves that special someone. As fate would have it, Andre was sitting at the bar of the restaurant they just entered, unfortunately drowning his sorrows after having just been laid off. Like a ray of sunshine brightening up his life, Andre immediately became aware of Kimberly, studying her reflection in the mirror behind the bar. The magnetic connection between them was near instantaneous...

Continue reading all about Kimberly and Andre's love story, romantic proposal, and wedding aspirations in their charming favorite places engagement session in Atlanta - captured by MunaLuchi Coterie member Fotos by Fola.

Bride & Groom: Kimberly & Andre
Occupations: SR. HR Professional & General Manager
Wedding date: February 18, 2018
Wedding location: Biltmore Ballrooms, Atlanta, Georgia
Location of engagement shoot: Ponce City Market and Midtown Atlanta

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal. A co-worker and I decided we needed to be more visible on the dating scene. The plan was every other Friday, we'd transition from work to a night on the town! Our very first outing was January 17, 2014. We went to a restaurant nearby and listened to a local band. The food was great, but the crowd was just "okay," so we quickly aborted the mission to go somewhere we didn't frequent for good laughs. We walked in and Andre was sitting at the bar alone. My friend and I found a table in the back, and I noticed Andre looking at me through a mirror. To my disappointment, he paid his bill and walked towards the door BUT – he turned back around (and of course I was looking dead at him!). He later told me he was thinking, "now if I turn around and she's looking at me too, I've got to talk to her." I mouthed to him, "Where are you going?" He confidently mouthed back, "To eat someplace else. I'll be back." My friend and I laughed, trying to figure out why anyone would leave a restaurant to go eat somewhere else! In record timing, Andre walked back in! He patiently waited for others to leave our table and had the waitress send us drinks. He and I struck up a conversation shortly thereafter that led to us exchanging numbers. He called me a few days later. We wanted to see each other sooner rather than later but we were interrupted by the infamous Atlanta "Snowmaggedon of 2014." That didn't hold us down, though! As soon as the snow was melted and the roads were clear, Andre called to set up our first date!

What I didn't know is the day I met Andre he had been laid off from his finance job, just that morning. He says his day of sadness was replaced with a ray of sunshine, and for that he'll forever be grateful. Dealing with a major hardship so early on taught us how to smile during the down times and find creative ways to love each other. It taught us to genuinely be just us.

We dated for close to three years and December 2016 were headed Downtown Atlanta for a New Year's Eve weekend "staycation." Andre had dinner plans and told me to be ready at 7. I remember him being so surprised I was ready on time! We pulled up to the Polaris, an iconic restaurant in the city that is 22 stories up and slowly spins for a panoramic view. I said to him, "Excuse me?! ... How swanky, sir.." He laughed and we headed up. We had a lovely dinner and Andre asked me to share dessert with him. I was stuffed, so I opted out. He insisted I live in the moment and share some with him. In true Kim fashion, I opted out again. Eventually he convinced me and I told him I would take a few bites of whatever he ordered. Once I agreed, the manager brought out champagne glasses and a "dessert" tray. I thought, "what a nice restaurant. They must bring out champagne because its New Year's weekend." When I looked a little closer, I saw a small ring box in the middle of an assortment of desserts. When I turned to my right, Andre was on one knee and started professing his love for me. I cried like a baby and could barely get "Yes" out! I soon noticed the workers of the restaurant were all on board and some were capturing the moment for us. Afterwards I started calling our family and friends, but hardly any of my friends in the city were answering. To my surprise, they were all together, waiting at the hotel to celebrate me! That was such a special moment and one I'll remember forever!

What did you do on your first date? We met each other at Atkins Park, a local community restaurant for early dinner. We talked and laughed for quite a few hours and even realized we'd lived 2 lights up from each other for years - and never ran into each other! The night quickly came, but we didn't want to leave each other so soon. The restaurant had an old jukebox in it, so we emptied our pockets the remainder of the night trying to impress each other with 90's old school hit after hit! It made for such a fun time and us certainly looking forward to spending more time together!

Describe your engagement session. We wanted our engagement session to be special to us, yet still somewhat carefree. We absolutely love trying new restaurants in the city and had fallen in love with the Ponce City Market area. We were able to spend time at one of our favorite places and capture some great moments in the meantime. I was a tad bit camera shy, but Fola, our photographer made us both feel so comfortable and let us enjoy ourselves and just have a good time! He gave us great direction when needed, but really wanted to capture our natural moments which added a super nice touch! I knew from our first consultation he was our guy!

How has wedding planning been so far? Planning has certainly been tough, but exciting and fun at the same time! In September I did the unthinkable while planning a wedding, and started a new job. It has certainly been a struggle trying to set the groundwork with a new employer on top of planning, but thankfully my wedding planner, Zephanie Curlett of Z.Curlett Events kept me in line and all things wedding right on track. She has been my right hand every step of the way and we are so excited to see how our big day unfolds!

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. Family and friends are very important to the both of us, so we are so excited to have all of the people we love so much together in one room at the same time, watching us pledge our love to each other and to God. It is almost overwhelmingly emotional to even think about! I'm also looking forward to my Dad walking me down the aisle to my future husband and hopefully seeing smiles on both of their faces.

Photographer – Fotos by Fola
Makeup Artist – Cornucopia Beauty Lounge (SundaeBeauty)
Wedding Planner - Zephanie Curlett, Z. Curlett Events

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