Kourtney and Adeola’s Stunning Royal Love Engagement

MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Summer 2018 Feature: Kourtney & Adeola
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Kourtney and Adeola first became aware of each other on the campus of A&M University in Alabama. Having mutual friends, they passed each other often, sharing secret-crush-glances. Though there was a magnetism between them they didn't start dating until after graduation when Kourtney's friend passed her number along to Adeola. During the first date the conversation flowed as if they had always been together, spending hours lost in each other's eyes...

Featured in the Summer 2018 issue of MunaLuchi Bride magazine, continue reading all about Kourtney & Adeola's love story, romantic surprise proposal, and wedding aspirations in their stunning royal love engagement in Alabama - perfectly captured by MunaLuchi Coterie member YNOT iMages.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Kourtney & Adeola
Occupations: Pediatric Registered Nurse & Electrical Engineer
Wedding date: Nigerian Ceremony: 11/2/18; American Ceremony: 11/3/18
Wedding location: Daphne Civic Center in Daphne, AL
Location of Engagement shoot: Open field in Mobile, AL, and Admiral Semmes Hotel

Tell us how you met. Adeola and I both went to Alabama A&M University, but ironically enough we didn't start dating until we both had graduated. We had several mutual friends and would see each other in passing from time to time. I secretly crushed on him for some time and finally my best friend, Chris, had visited Birmingham, AL to DJ during a big football weekend and just so happened to mention me to Adeola. Obviously he gave him my number and to my surprise he randomly texted me and I melted. The best day ever!

Tell us all about the proposal. Kourtney was visiting me in Houston and I remember talking to her and I was nervous because I had no idea of how I wanted to propose, and I remember her mentioning how we love watching movies and of course I agreed. Then it hit me: I’m proposing in a movie theater. I would secretly drive from Houston, TX to Birmingham, AL to pull this whole thing off. I would have her go watch a random movie with her friends and BOOM I pop up on the screen and have a conversation with her and of course end with “Will you Marry Me?” Now of course it wasn’t that easy. Kourtney can be pretty difficult to surprise so I had to be smart about this. She had some things to take care of for school that day so when her friends showed up to her house she still had on scrubs and was doing homework. Apparently she had no intention on leaving to “watch a movie” anytime soon. Two hours had passed and her friends sent me a text to let me know that she was giving them trouble about dressing up to simply go watch a movie so of course I was getting nervous because all of our family and friends were waiting. FINALLY, they were able to get her out of the house and to the theater in a cute outfit (not her scrubs thank God!). As we all watched her and her friends enter the theater from our cars, we made sure the coast was clear so that we could all get in place. I bought out the entire theater so that no one else would be in that room with them. I had my friend hiding in the theater so that he could record her reaction. It seemed like hours had passed while waiting on her to finally leave the theater to meet me in the lobby in front of our family and friends. When I got the que that she had walked out of the theater, I had Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” playing, and finally, there she was...her reaction was priceless and the tears of joy were surely flowing. As I got down on one knee and asked her to spend forever with me all I could do was smile and pray that she would say yes, and she did! Mission accomplished!

Describe your engagement session. Our engagement session was so fun. We knew we wanted to do a Nigerian theme for some photos and a sleek, formal theme for the other photos. When Adeola first presented the idea to me, I thought it was a little over the top, but the pictures turned out amazing! I’m so happy I trusted his vision. YNOT Images not only took great photos, but they helped the theme and vision come to life.

What did you do on your first date? Adeola asked me where I wanted to eat and I chose Applebee’s for happy hour. We sat there and talked for hours! The rest is history.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? We love going to the movies, traveling, eating sushi, and binge watching our favorite shows.

How has wedding planning been so far? CRAZY, but we know it will all come together so we are just taking things day by day. We both come from huge families so we are just trying to keep everything as organized as possible. We have such a huge support system and so many people that are in our corner during this time so we are very thankful for that.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. Kourtney: “I am looking forward to the very moment that I get to see his face for the first time. The thought of it makes me blush.”
Adeola: “I can’t wait to see my bride and know after this day she will be officially mine for the rest of my life.”

Attire: Temesgen Fashion
Makeup: Cindy J. Makeup Artistry
Photographer: YNOT iMages
Hair Stylist: Nicole Natural Styles and Lisa O’field

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  1. RY

    Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I love your setting of “being in the bush” with your traditional attire. Top notch.

    May God bless your union!


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