Kristin and Isaiah’s Romantic Malibu Engagement

Kristin and Isaiah's love story began on the University campus where they attended together, and lived as neighbors. Starting out as friends, they quickly became best friends, and from there the friendship turned to love. Their first official date was a perfect evening at the National Portrait Gallery, where they learned of a shared love for the arts and much more. A romantic dinner followed filled with good food and great conversation, leaving them talking well into the night. Their love for the beach was portrayed in their Malibu, California engagement. They look forward to everything coming together on their wedding day in one big party - celebrating their love with family and friends.

Read all about Kristin and Isaiah's proposal and wedding aspirations in their romantic Malibu engagement session.

Bride & Groom: Kristin & Isaiah
Occupations: Registered Nurse and Graduate School Student/Public Relations Assistant
Wedding date: September 15, 2018
Wedding location: Hyatt at the Bellevue, Philadelphia, PA
Location of Engagement shoot: Malibu, CA

Tell us about how you met and all about the proposal: Isaiah and I both attended Hampton University and were neighbors. We grew from best friends into lovers! The proposal was a total surprise with all of my friends and family present. He proposed at our favorite museum, The National Portrait Gallery  in DC, which happens to also be the location of our first date.

What did you do on your first date? Our first official date was at the National Portrait Gallery and it was perfect. We talked about art and discovered we both have a love for it. That's what we do best, talk for hours on hours and never get tired of it. Oh! And of course we ended our night eating out because we are such foodies

Describe your engagement session. We really wanted to showcase our personalities with our engagement shoot! This meant that we had to incorporate our duality, love for style, and the beach. "Bonnie and Clyde" was our initial inspiration, and why we decided to do an unconventional shoot in all black attire with a convertible. The beach photos were so organic and fun because it was all unplanned. The laughing and smiling really portrayed our love. At the Getty Villa we got to be more sleek and fashionable. Overall it was a perfect shoot! We even have video footage that we used as a save the date teaser.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Going to concerts and music festivals!

How has wedding planning been so far? Wedding planning has been easier than we imagined it to be because we both pretty much know what we love, and that's exactly how we are going to execute things. It is difficult with me being a full time student and working, but we've been making it work.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. We look forward to seeing everything come together, looking beautiful, and partying! That's what we want our wedding to be, one big party!

Photographers: Ashani Allick and Jihan Dempster
Stylist: Amber Kearney

  1. Sharon

    Beautiful couple. Gorgeous settings! May you live a long and happy life!

  2. Siani

    Ugh, it’s gonna be straight waterworks at the wedding. Love you two!

  3. Sheryl Gonzalez

    ANSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! May God continue to bless you with a lifetime filled with the love you currently share.

  4. Nikki



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