LaTravia + Kerron = PVAMU Love

April 1, 2011 “HE PROPOSED!” National Harbor Oxen Hill, MD

Congrats to LaTravia + Kerron! Read their proposal story below:

Bride:  LaTravia DAvis
Groom:  Kerron Hubbard
Occupations:  Business Systems Analyst (bride) Finance/Accounting Analyst (groom)
Date of Proposal:  April 1, 2011
Date of Wedding:  July 28, 2012 in Houston, TX

"It all began, spring 2009 at Prairie View A&M University in Dr. McNeil’s, Business Statistics class. As I (LaTravia) sat in class talking with my good friend Morgan, in walks Kerron. I’d always found him attractive, but never did I muster the courage to make conversation. After about 2-3 class lectures and our girl talk conversations about him, Morgan helped to make the connection that blossomed into unconditional love.
Upon Kerron's spring 2010 graduation, he relocated to Virginia after accepting a career opportunity. We spent this time in a long distance relationship - Sometimes arguing over absolutely nothing, but realizing it was just our frustrations of longing to be together. As time drew closer to my fall 2010 graduation, we talked more and more about my relocating to Virginia. With much prayer and faith on December 19, 2010 (the day after graduation) we took the longest road trip together to Virginia to begin our lives, together. "


"The morning of April 1, 2011 seemed like an ordinary morning ... it was time to get dressed for work and get day started. However, it wasn't going so great for LaTravia, she received a phone call that her aunt was very ill and may not make it through the day. After a bit of morning confusion and proceeding to finish applying my make-up, into the bathroom walks Kerron. He wrapped his arms and front of me and there was a box with a bow in hand... "Open it," he said. Of course, with the box appearing to hold a ring, I was excited! After opening it, there were a beautiful set of pearl earrings.

While driving to work, we decided to make the evening our date night for the month. We decided to go to the National Harbor in Oxen Hill, MD and have dinner at McCormick and Schmicks. Over dinner, we talked and laughed about how far our relationship had come and where we saw ourselves years down the line. All this time, I had no idea what I was being setup for... I'd ordered my favorite dessert, Strawberry Cheesecake; and took a trip to the ladies room. (This is when Kerron and the waiter had a brief conversation...) Upon returning to our table, I expected to have my dessert but it still had not arrived... the longer it took the waiter, the more I wanted to get up to get it myself. Soon enough, the waiter appeared with a napkin on one side of my plate, placing the cheesecake in front of me, turning the plate, removing the napkin - and there was my 'engagement ring!!'

Kerron got up from his seat, came to my side grabbing my right hand (I didn't get up immediately because I wanted him to grab my left hand, LOL) got down on one knee and asked the question that girls dream to hear, "Will you marry me?" The restaurant applauded, the manager brought over champagne, and of course, I said, "Yes!"


Congrats to the happy couple and we wish you the best as you prepare for the big day!


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  1. Ashleigh

    PVAMU is my alma mater! Congrats to the couple.


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