Lauren + Anthony: Memphis Engagement Session

Bride: Lauren Mabon
Groom:  Anthony Price
Occupations:  Public Relations Manager/Dentist
Wedding Date:  New Years Eve 2012

When Lauren got a friend request from Anthony in 2010, she did not hesitate to click the "accept" button.  He was handsome and quite familiar to her.  After some digging, she noticed they had a friend in common, and later learned that it was her friend who had set them up.   But that wasn't the couple's first encounter.  It turns out that they attended the same schools as kids…preschool, elementary, and middle school…but never noticed one another because of the age difference.  So the moral of the story is…they were meant to be together.  Their engagement session photographed by Amy Hutchinson of Ah! Photography took place at Overton Park in Memphis, then on the rooftop of the Madison Hotel where Anthony proposed…and it is simply stunning.

Lauren describes the proposal…

"Anthony and I started talking marriage toward the end of the first year we dated. At one point, we even joked about an impromptu trip to a gaudy Vegas wedding chapel complete with a drive-thru window. We occasionally looked at wedding rings and he eventually got my dad’s approval. So I thought a proposal would likely happen very soon after that. I just wasn’t sure exactly when…

I initially suspected he would propose on Christmas in front of family as we opened gifts, and when that didn’t happen, I suspected he would propose on the beach in Puerto Rico where we traveled for his 30th birthday in February, and when it didn’t happen there, I thought surely he would propose on my birthday in early March at a gathering with friends, but no proposal…yet.

Several weeks went by and on a random Wednesday morning in mid-April, when Anthony mentioned a wine tasting that he wanted to check out later that day, I had an extra sneaky suspicion that he was up to something (he’s not exactly a sommelier), but I wasn’t certain.

He let me know that the tasting would be at the Madison hotel downtown and since I had a late appointment after work that I’d need to meet him there. When I arrived at the hotel that night, Anthony greeted me outside with the valet and led me up to the rooftop where there was a small, candlelit table in a quiet corner.

It was a bit windy, but it was a perfect, romantic night. We ordered wine and dinner, and at the end of the meal, I thought, “Here we go again. He probably won’t propose tonight. He just wanted to surprise me with a fun, fanciful night out.”

After dinner, the waiter brought out champagne in an icer with two flutes. The waiter placed one flute in front of me and another in front of Anthony at the table. For a moment, I gazed off in the distance staring at the city lights and the bridge. Before the champagne was poured, Anthony said with a puzzled look on his face, “There’s something in your glass. Looks like ice…” I looked at the glass, and inside, there was a beautiful, sparkly ring! At that moment, I was definitely shocked! Anthony took the ring out of the champagne flute, got on one knee and proposed. It was the greatest night ever!"

{ Love Birds }
He loves…"my inner and outer beauty and says he could sense that I was the one on our first date."
She loves…"Anthony's refreshing personality perfectly blends and balances with mine. He's my dearest friend and truest love."

Thanks Lauren and Anthony for sharing your love story with us.  We wish you the best in marriage!  Click here to view the FULL gallery.


Photographer: Amy Hutchinson of Ah! Photography
Wedding Planner: Andria Lewis of Andria Lewis Events
Hair Stylist: Monique Mercadal of Mood Styling Studio
Dresses: Caché  & BCBG
Makeup: MAC
  1. Andria Lewis | Andria Lewis Events LLC

    Thank you to Amy and Ed for doing what you do so well! And thanks to Munaluchi for choosing our couple! The feature looks wonderful!

  2. aletha

    You too are a beautiful couple wish you the best


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