Leah and James’ Surprise Anniversary Proposal in Brooklyn

Leah and James' love story began in church during a Tuesday night service, where they caught each other's eye before being introduced later that evening. Their first date was dinner followed by drinks where the conversation flowed for hours into the night. It wouldn't be long before James began to realize that Leah was his one and only, and began planning the surprise proposal.

Read all about Leah & James' proposal story - featuring the work of MunaLuchi Coterie member Sequoyah Daniel Photography, who captured the entire day, from rock climbing to a picnic in the park, culminating in a carousel proposal in Brooklyn.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Leah & James
Occupations: Funeral Director & Head of Marketing
Location of proposal: Brooklyn Bridge Park

Tell us how you met. We met in church. He was filming and I was walking through the hallway to go to Tuesday Night service. He inquired about me and later on that evening we were introduced to one another. Since then its been heaven here on earth!

What did you do on your first date? On our first date, we went to dinner then went to a bar and talked for hours. He was and is exactly what I expected and more.

Tell us all about the proposal. We started out the day with rock climbing, which by the way is harder than it looks. From rock climbing, we “took a stroll” in prospect park only to end up at a brunch picnic he had setup for us. Rock climbing and the picnic were so special because they were both things we’d discussed doing but our busy schedules didn’t permit. During the picnic, we played so many games: Sorry, Guess Who, Uno and more.
From the picnic, we headed home to shower, change etc. That was about a 3 hour process (he's pretty meticulous about his baldy but I LOVE IT). As we headed to dinner, J mentioned to me “…if there’s still light, do you want to go down by the carousel and take some pictures?” It wasn’t farfetched because after all, it was our anniversary. Dinner was absolutely beautiful. We went to Cabana’s Forest Hills, where we had our very first date. Our time there was just like our very first time just with the addition of more memories.
After dinner, we made our way down to the Jane’s Carousel where the magic happened. As we approached the carousel, there was a crowd of people all looking at the carousel but I didn’t even realize they were because I was so locked into what he was saying to me. That’s when I spotted Sequoyah right over his shoulder and marquee letters that said “Will You Marry Me”? It was then that my life changed…June 25, 2018.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Our favorite thing to do as a couple is our daily devotions.

How has wedding planning been so far? The wedding planning has been smooth so far, Thank God!

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. We are both looking forward to saying “I do”.

Photographer: Sequoyah Daniel Photography

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  1. Althia McKenna

    This was soooo beautiful…. I love y’all

  2. Michelle Lee

    This is so beautiful. Congratulations to you both!


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