Live Beyond the Frame with WeMontage

At Munaluchi we not only aim to celebrate love and style with our beautiful brides, we aim to ignite innovation. Pioneering new and fun ideas for your wedding day and beyond, Muna is a lifestyle and we’ve found something that’ll really make it like no other. WeMontage takes your life moments and turns them into a gorgeous custom collage on real, removable wallpaper.

Available in a variety of sizes, a WeMontage collage has infinite possibilities. The innovative brand’s goal is to inspire users to “live beyond the frame.” Taking your stunning engagement, wedding, maternity, and family photos further than you could have imagined. Take a look at just a few ways you could incorporate a WeMontage collage in your big day and let us know how you’d use WeMontage to live beyond the frame.

Nursery using WeMontage

Photo Booth Backdrop

Create a custom backdrop for your reception photo booth. Make a collage of your engagement photos or other cute pictures you and your groom have taken over the years.

Dance Floor Covering

Take WeMontage to the dance floor with a custom stage for you and your guests to party on. Work with your event planner and venue to install a large collage for the dance floor, your guests will be truly amazed!

Signing Table

Abandon the traditional signing table by covering it with a WeMontage collage. Get your guests’ creative juices flowing with photos they’ll love and be inspired by. We bet they’ll have plenty of great things to say!

With WeMontage, there are no limits to what your photos can be. So break free and live beyond the limitations of picture frames.

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