Love Is In The Air – Retro Travel E-Session by Castaldo Studios: Risheè + Bryan

Cue Michael Bublé (or Frank Sinatra), "Come fly with me. Let's fly, let's fly away." Risheè and Bryan's love and beauty soar beyond the stars in this lovely engagement session. They met during college and maintained contact after Risheè transferred to another school. As their relationship blossomed, they encouraged and supported each other through undergrad to reunite and continue their life journey together. Their beautiful e-session was photographed by Castaldo Studios.

Bride: Risheè Smith
Groom: Bryan Paschal
Wedding date: November 10, 2013


How They Met

Risheè & Bryan first met on the campus of Oakwood University. During their college careers Risheè eventually transferred to Southern Adventist University to finish her undergrad studies and kept in touch with Bryan. The basic contact eventually bloomed into a friendship. Bryan and Risheè were able to spend hours on the phone laughing and talking with each other about ANYTHING. With a year of courting and meeting each other's families it was apparent to both of them that their relationship was meant to be. With their blossoming relationship, Bryan and Risheè encouraged and supported each other throughout their final year of undergrad and many other life milestones.

The Proposal 

The plan was put in motion a few months leading into the beginning of 2013. Bryan was ready to take his relationship with Risheè to new heights. After countless visits to different jewelry stores with her, he understood what type of ring would make her elated. So, he made a few visits of his own until he found the PERFECT ring. The plan was to propose during a birthday dinner.
Bryan ended up in "Citrus" where he negotiated the deal and decided on January 12th, 2013 as the day he would propose to Risheè.
With the date set Bryan sought out to invite individuals to witness the proposal. Bryan knew how much Risheè valued her family and close friends and told him on many occasions to make sure they were present. Adhering to his bride-to- be's wishes, he did just that.
On the night of the engagement Bryan went to "Citrus" ahead of everyone else while Risheè got ready at the house with her friends. She later arrived with her cousins and friends.
After the Birthday Song concluded Bryan declared his love and appreciation of Risheè in an amazingly put together proposal speech, that surprised her and the family.
As Bryan got down on one knee, family and friends cheered him on as he proposed. As soon as Risheè saw her ring she grabbed it out of the box yelling "Yes, Yes, Yes"!!!

You Make Loving You So Easy

From him... When the courtship began I would often tell Rishee how beautiful she was. What I love most about her was her smile. There were days I would look through just about all her pictures on social networks (facebook) reminiscing of her smile. I would also often tell Rishee that her smile is one of the first things that caught his eye. I would tell Rishee that her smile could "light up a room". As cliche as that phrase may be I meant it.

From her... There are over a hundred things I could state as to what I love about her fiance. If I had to pick just one it would be his sense of humor. For those that do not know Bryan, he tends to come off as serious and quiet. However, behind doors Bryan is the funniest person I know. I love the funny dances, and songs that he makes up at whim. What else, I enjoy about his sense of humor is that he always knows when to turn it on in order to "fix" my bad days. Unlike me, Bryan is definitely the dancer out of the two of us and he will definitely let his moves out for the reception. I CANT WAIT!


Castaldo Studios- Photography and Videography

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