A Love Story In New York

Although online dating still gets a bad wrap, it’s become a primary method for meeting the love of your life.  This is definitely the case with Timolin and Eric. At the suggestion of a co-worker, Timolin finally gave in and decided to give the website a chance, although very reluctant to do so. Shortly after creating her profile and weeding through the overwhelming responses, Eric’s profile was suggested by the website as a good match, with a computer generated question asking Timolin if she’d like to meet.

Being new to online dating, Timolin neglected to set her profile settings and didn’t realize that Eric saw that she had liked his profile. Eric responded to Timolin’s admiration and sent an email right away, regarding their mutual interest in each other, and asking her if she’d like to meet him in person. Their first date was two weeks later and the rest is history.

Photography by: Petronella Photography.

What’s the proposal story?

On Valentins’s Day of 2014, Eric took Timolin to an interactive improve type of performance called “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind”.  For the show audience members were given random names for the performers to act out 30-second scenes. Around the second act, a random performer picked a random couple to come on stage. Since it was Valentine’s Day, the couple was to list three things that they loved about each other. Timolin and Eric were the couple chosen. When it was Eric’s turn, he began listing wonderful things about Timolin. All she could do was smile and blush while onstage.  Eric then got down on one knee and proposed.  The moment was filled with speechlessness and tears of joy. Eric later revealed that he’d been planning the proposal along with the cast members for several weeks. Timolin had no idea!

Describe your engagement session. Do you have a theme? Tell us more about the process.

The theme of their engagement session was Cinematic Love Story. In preparation for the shoot, Timolina and Eric actively communicated with Petronella over the phone and via email, regarding the location, looks, and the feeling they wanted to convey as a couple. Timolin states that Petronella was awesome to work with and gave wonderful suggestions via Pinterest. By the time they met Petronella in person, it felt as though they were already acquainted. She gave great direction while allowing them to be in their natural element.

We love hearing how brides stumble upon their wedding vendors. Tell us about your photographer. What you love about her, etc.

A good friend of Timolin’s who’d gotten married a couple of years ago suggested that she use Craigslit to search for a wedding photographer, so she figured she’d give it a shot. Timolin then came across an ad in search of newly engaged multi-cultural couples an engagement photo shoot. She couldn’t help but reply to the ad, although very hesitantly as the timing was so coincidental. The photographer turned out to be he very professional, skilled, and wonderful Petronella! They loved her positive energy, focus, and creativity. Petronella has a clear idea of the shots she wanted and even got a permit to shoot in an area that was close to impossible to gain access to.

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day.

Timolin states that she and Eric are mostly looking forward to the moment where they’re looking into each other’s eyes to say “I do”.

On the wedding planning experience thus far...

Because Timolin is a coordinator by employment, wedding planning thus far has not been too difficult. As a couple, they work very well together. Although it was initially overwhelming selecting a venue, out of the many in the Tristate area, they had the same requirements for the type of venue they wanted, the number of guests, and most importantly, the budget. Timolin and Eric also knows each other’s strengths and delegate certain responsibilities to each other.


Photography by: Petronella Photography.


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