“Love Stuck” – Patricia and Obinna’s Elegant Nigerian Themed Wedding in Savannah GA

"Love stuck," a perfect term used by Patricia to describe her then-future-husband, Obi's emotional state after the evening in which he first laid eyes on her. A few months would go by after this fateful social gathering before they would finally meet again, thanks to the persistent guidance of a mutual friend, who hinted that she had "an admirer." But Patricia wasn't the only one who'd left an impression that first evening, Obi also held a place in her thoughts - Patricia knowing she "would also like to get to know Obi."

It wasn't too long after regularly communicating that Patricia realized in Obi she had "found a gem, someone who only wishes the best" for her, and that as they "grew closer, we knew we would like to spend our lives together" - a reality Obi was certain to bring to fruition. And, during an impromptu trip, on an isolated Island beach, Obi asked Patricia to be his wife.

Continue reading all about their meeting, proposal and elegant Nigerian themed wedding below!

Bride & Groom: Patricia Ihuoma Chimezie & Obinna Okafor
Occupations: Medical doctor & Electrical Engineer
Wedding date: Sept 10, 2016
Wedding location: Savannah Trade Center, Savannah, Georgia

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal: We attended an evening social gathering organized by a mutual friend of ours, Sam. We sat almost next to each other and although we made contribution to the general conversation, did not interact directly to each other. Following that gathering, Obi got love stuck . I received frequent invitations from Sam but was unable to make most of them. A few months later, Sam hinted that I have an admirer and I knew I would also like to get to know Obi. It took a while longer for us to meet again, thanks to persistence from Sam. Obi and I exchanged contacts and started talking. I knew I found a gem, someone who only wishes the best for me, someone who understands that I am less than perfect but accepts me anyway. As we grew closer, we knew we would like to spend our lives together. After getting my father’s permission, Obi planned an impromptu trip to Jekyll Island for the both of us. One of our favorite things to do is take walks on the beach. We both find it relaxing and romantic. Obi found an isolated spot on the beach in Jekyll Island and there, he proposed.



Wedding Style: My wedding dress was a ball gown with a long train. I wanted to go all out with the dress. I wanted something that makes me feel like a princess and a style of dress that I may never wear again. Wedding shopping was crazy, I am extremely picky and price con opus at the same time. I ended up buying about 4 dresses before settling on one that was custom made for me.

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? Both of our families are of Nigerian descent. We both wanted to show case our culture during our reception with our music choices, traditional African dance and incorporation of African attires. During the reception, we incorporated "breaking of the kola nut" a traditional ritual used to welcome guests.

What is your best memory from your wedding?
Our first dance was quite memorable. I saw Obi with his best dancing shoes. This was also the moment that it dawned on me that we are really married.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Planning a wedding can be stressful and rewarding at once. Take it all in, and enjoy the experience. Remember everyone is there to celebrate you. More importantly smile!!! I wish I listened to this advise when it was given to me.


Photographer: LaJoy Hunter
Event Planners: Matwell Events and Rentals
Bridal Consultant: KEY Events
Decorator/Designer: Victoria Brown
DJ/Band: JayOh
MC: Seyi Brown
Caterer Nigerian Caterer: Chef James Ikon
Videographer: Jonathan Armour at Personal Touch Photography
Officiant: Rev. Eddie Tomberlin. Phone: 912-658-9699
Venue: Contact Cate Cox
Make-up Artist for Bride:Bola Oyeku at Boundless Beauty Makeup
Make-up Artist for Bridal Train: Marie Wallace Make Up. Phone: 912-401-2175
Photobooth: Mr. Marshall Young
Transportation/Limo: Greg Rolf at Southern Comfort Limousine
Wedding & Cocktail Hours Band: Renee Montague
Cake/ Sweets: Mollie Stone
Child Care: Guardian Angels Sitting Service: Erika McGoldrick

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