Luxe Anniversary Photoshoot – Ashlyn and Robert Continuing Their Happily Ever After

Ashlyn and Robert Allmon wed on March 1, 2014 in a small ceremony consisting of their closest family and friends. During their intimate ceremony, Ashlyn recalls crying so emotionally, as she glided down the aisle, that she could barely see. “When I finally stopped, I remembered looking my best friend in the eyes, vowing to spend the rest of my life with him and ready to embark on this new journey,” shares Ashlyn.

Two years later, the duo are still reveling in their happily ever after. And as a way to celebrate their second “season” of marriage, this photo-loving pair shot these effortlessly luxe anniversary photos with photographer, Cierra Johnson.

Read on for more from this phenomenal couple who share more about their love, careers, and tips on how they keep the spice alive in their marriage.

When did you get married and where? Robert and I were married on March 1, 2014 at Boudreaux's located in Baton Rouge Louisiana

What was your wedding like? Our wedding was a very intimate setting and we shared it with our closest family and friends.

As you celebrate your anniversary, what do you remember most about your wedding day? I remember being so emotional and crying my eyes out. I cried so much I could barely see coming down the aisle. Lol but when I finally stopped. I remembered looking my best friend in the eyes vowing  to spend the rest of my life with him and ready to embark on this new journey. Two years later we're still at it

Was there anything you would have done differently for your wedding? To be honest with you I wouldn't have changed a thing. I was completely satisfied. I think as brides we worry and stress a lot about having the perfect wedding and its normal. But at the end of the day, whatever isn't done goes unnoticed because the only person who knew about it was you.

What are your favorite things to do as a couple? We love to travel near and far. Another one of our favorites is riding down to New Orleans walking the streets, shopping, eating at our favorite restaurants, and going to some of our jazz spots. Our favorite jazz spot is the Irvin Mayfield's Jazz Playhouse.

Who cooks? Who cooks huh? lol well we both do, but I do cook more than he does.

When it comes to Career, what do both of you do and how do you make time for each other? Robert is a Facility Director and Personal Trainer at the S.E.Mackey Center. I am a Dispatcher at a Chemical Plant. He's at work from open to close and I work twelve hour shift work, so the time we do spend together is valuable. We make time by incorporating things we like into our schedule. For example Quality time at home for us is cuddling up on the couch catching up on our favorite shows and movies and family time with our two boys. Other things include working out together, hanging out with family and friends, going to events and going to some of our favorite spots.

What would you say are the most important elements for a successful marriage? God, friendship, trust, honesty, and communication. This is your foundation.

How do you keep the spark in your marriage? Well believe it or not we still flirt with each other all the time. lol another thing is that we still go out on dates. But most importantly we just love to see each other happy. When you know each others likes and dislikes its easy, just continue giving them what they like and its a win. Followed by a few surprises here and there. Recently my husband surprised me to a trip to Chicago. He told me we were going to New Orleans for brunch, next thing I know Im boarding a plane to Chicago with no luggage, nothing but my purse and the clothes on my back. Lol I asked him "Where were my clothes?" he said, "You said you needed some more clothes so I'll buy you everything you need up there." and he did. Now that was something I'll never forget.

Tell us about the shoot. What inspired it? Well first let me start off by saying I love taking pictures,  second I actually wanted to do this exact look for my Christmas pictures, but I didn't get a chance to. Cierra knew how bad I wanted to photograph that look and this dress so she presented to me her Luxury Anniversary Session and I knew this look would go perfect for the shoot. I sent her a picture of what my dress looked like and she said she had the perfect location. We put the two together and created a beautiful thing.

What do you love most about him? I love the fact that he was raised with a father that gave his mother and his siblings everything and more. Because of the love and foundation that was given to him he has given it back to me and our boys. The determination he has of being a great husband and father is so exceptional. I just love the way he loves me

What do you love most about her? I love her calmness, her ability to adapt, to love. She completes me in so many ways.

What advice can you give for newlyweds? All the things you did when you were dating continue to do so throughout your marriage. Find ways to keep your marriage spicy and your spouse happy.  Always make sure to make time for the two of you. Remember your marriage is not like anyone else, so don't compare. Keep your problems between you and your husband. Love and cherish YOUR union that God put together. Always communicate with each other. And last but not least have fun and continue creating memories.

This anniversary session was featured in the Fall/Winter 2016 Issue. Purchase a copy here. 


Hair + Bouquet + Photography: Cierra Johnson of Southern Amore Photography
Dress: Lethaniel George

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