Lynn and Stanley’s Rustic Chic Engagement in Florida

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High school sweethearts Lynn and Stanley first crossed paths in the cafeteria where they looked into each others eyes and never looked back. Young love took hold and before long they were walking the halls together, hand-in-hand. Seven years later they are celebrating their engagement in this rustic chic photoshoot at Tree Tops Park, in Davie, Florida. Read all about Lynn and Stanley's love story, proposal, and wedding aspirations below.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Lynn & Stanley
Occupations: Hospice Social Worker & Engineer
Wedding date: 05.25.2019
Wedding location: Fellsmere, Florida
Location of Engagement shoot: Tree Tops Park (Davie, Florida)

How They Met. Lynn and Stanley met in 2010 during Stanley’s senior year and Lynn’s junior year of high school. They both attended North Miami Beach Senior High located in Miami, Florida. Surprisingly the two also attended the same junior high in Miami, John F. Kennedy Middle, but never knew each other then. Until one afternoon, they ran into each other at the cafeteria and the rest is history.

The Proposal. After 7 years of courting, Stanley determined it was the time to flip the page. Right away, he met up with his parents and got there blessings. He then met with Lynn’s parents/family and received their blessings. Stanley then met with Lynn’s best friends, which helped pick out the ring and create a lovely “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” poster which took Lynn’s attention while Stanley got on one knee to pop the question. The plan was to take holiday pictures and Stanley was setting up everything. The shoot was set for Saturday, December 23, 2017 at Anne Kolb Nature Center. Stanley picked Lynn up and drove to the secret location. By the grace of God, Stanley was able to keep it all a secret after days of being probed, so you can imagine the suspense Lynn was experiencing. As they arrived to the location, Lynn was amazed by the beauty of the park. There, they met with the photographer who was accompanied by one of Stanley's good friend. After taking multiple photos, they relocated under the bazooka where it would all take place.
As the two stared at the breathtaking view of their background. Lynn noticed a group of people (their family and friends) at a distance with a sign and began to try to read it. She was able to make out the first word "Will" and as she turned to ask Stanley for help, she was completely stunned because he was on one knee. She began crying and collapsed to her knees once she saw Stanley on his. Of course, she said YES after Stanley popped the question. As their loved ones ran to meet them under the bazooka, the two could not keep their hands off each other and Lynn of course could not stop staring at her new jewel addition; her rose gold rock. The celebration ended with a gathering, where we ate and celebrated some more.

Describe your engagement session. Our goal for the shoot was to allow our amazing photographer to capture the love we share for each other through his lens. We share a mutual love for picnics and rustic style, so we went with a rustic and natural feel and also set-up a picnic which we really enjoyed. All and all, we were both so excited to take our engagement pictures.

What did you do on your first date? Because we were both seventeen at the time and not to mention born of Haitian parents, we had to be very creative when it came to going out on dates. Long story short, Lynn was a member of Key Club and they were hosting their annual dinner at a restaurant near the school. So, for our first date, we ended up dining at Dynasty Buffet with the organization since she was able to bring a plus one. It was a little weird, but we enjoyed it.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? As a couple, although we enjoy new experiences, our favorite has got to be our devotional time and biweekly dates. This includes beach picnics, trying out a new spot in town, or going to the gym, to name a few.

How has wedding planning been so far? So far, wedding planning has been enjoyable. It has actually caused us to bond more and discover other things we have in common. We have heard the horror stories of planning a wedding, especially when a wedding planner is not involved (knock on wood); but by the grace of God we have yet to experience any horror.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. We are looking forward to becoming one and sharing this lovely day (05.25.19) with the ones we love and cherish dearly.

Photographer: Reem Photography
Stylist: Sabine Jean
Makeup: Face by JoJo
Hair: Bein Pretty Beauty Studio
Nails: Rhina Riffic Nails

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