Mexico’s Hidden Treasure, Hotel Esencia

This week we’re opening the doors to Mexico, where Hotel Esencia hides its 50-acre estate from the overpopulated resorts crowding the Mexican market.

Once considered home to Italian Duchess Rosa de Ferrari, the now-hotel still serves as a private escape for those looking for luxury, in a little known location. In addition to a Spa, gym, and juice bar, the hotel has swimming pools spread throughout the property. Though none compare to the bay of Xpu-Ha, where locals anticipate the arrival of sea turtles making their nests each year.

Hotel Esencia also lays claim to restaurants where Mexican and Mediterranean food collide. Taking resources, such as fresh produce, from areas like Quintana Roo, Oaxaca and Yucatan – you can expect meals representative of Mexico’s roots.

With pampering awaiting you within the walls of the estate, and some of the best nightlife locale Mexico has to offer but 20 minutes away, Hotel Esencia is the place where privacy and pleasure reside.





Hungry for More?

Here’s a dish you may want to try on your visit:

Sea Scallops Aguachile


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