Mia and Jason’s Elegant and Eye-catching Wedding in Missouri

Mia and Jason first met while they were both attending college in Ohio. They were introduced through mutual friends and were surprised at just how much they had in common. From the beginning their relationship has been filled with fun and laughter. Through their unique venue and cultural influences they made sure their wedding was filled with just as much vibrance and energy as they are.

Read all about Mia and Jason's relationship as well as their elegant and eye-catching wedding in Missouri.

Bride & Groom: Mia & Jason
Occupations: Intellectual Property Attorney  & Senior Art Director
Wedding date: August 26, 2017
Wedding location: City Museum, St. Louis Missouri

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal. We both went to college in Ohio. I went to Ohio State and Jason went to University of Daytona which are an hour away from each other. We had mutual friends due to the fact that we were both in black greek letter organizations and our they kept telling us we would get along. We are both from St. Louis and have a myriad of similar interests. Finally after months of suggestions from our mutual friends we met for the first time at his apartment and played a game of Rock Band together….and the rest is history!

The proposal: Weeks prior to the proposal Jason went down to St. Louis (where we are both from) to take my parents out to dinner and ask for their blessing. He knows that family is everything to me so he didn't want to make any moves without taking that initial step. Since the first time we met we played Rock Band Jason found a way to incorporate it into the proposal. I am a sucker for indie films so we went to my favorite indie theater to check out the film "The Lobster." After that we went back to my apartment and I walked into the hallway which was filled with lit candles and rose petals. My first thought was "WHO WAS IN MY APARTMENT WHILE I WAS GONE!?!" Little did I know that he had reached out to my oldest friend to decorate for him while we were at the movie theater. The rose petals and candles led to the Rock Band game that was set up and he suggested that we get nostalgic for a minute and "rock out" like we used to do. We played a couple of songs and all of a sudden he dropped his drum stick. At that point I reached down to help him pick it up and he was already on one knee!

What was wedding shopping like for you? Because I'm an unconventional bride wedding dress shopping was difficult. I wanted simple; no frill, no fuss. Online shopping was my best friend. I wanted my dress to be simple, and modern. I ordered my dress online and didn't step foot in one bridal shop.

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? Jason and I are very unapologetically black. We wanted this to be reflected in our ceremony and the over-all feel. We jumped the broom and also honored the traditions of our Black Greek Letter Organizations by incorporating a cane routine. Our culture was also reflected in the cuisine and the music. We were told by several people that our wedding was indeed the blackest wedding they've ever attended.

Favorite item on the menu: Special Fried Rice

First dance song: "Room in Here" by Anderson .Paak

What is your best memory from your wedding? I seriously can't pick one moment. It was all a dream. Swag surfing was epic, and the calm before the storm "first touch" moment I had with my now husband before the ceremony were two moments that stick out the most.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Follow your heart. The wedding should be about you and your future spouse. Don't let anyone's thoughts, feelings, or actions affect your vision for your day.

Photography - Bri McDaniel
Videogrpahy - Juniper Films
Makeup - Jody Mabwa
Nails - Spifster
Barber - Rich, Rich Kutz & Styles
Florist - Snapdragon
Catering - Pablo's Catering

  1. Pamela

    I love this wedding! So different than what’s the usual. Also..it looks like the bride is holding a Rhoyal Blue and Gold cane…if so congrats Soror.EE-YIPP!!

  2. Arika

    It’s original, creative and personal. Downright inspirational. Love to Mia + Jason.


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