Modern Gold and Cream South African Wedding

Nkhensani and Kulani Lebese wanted their wedding to be all about, “Celebration, Love, Commitment and Happiness,” and that is just what these middle school sweethearts achieved.  Even though rain forced them to move their outdoor ceremony inside at the last minute, this optimistic couple still held on to hope that the clouds would dissipate.  Indeed, the sun began to shine and they were able to hold their reception in their gorgeous outdoor tent as planned. The bride shares, “We had a gold and cream look and feel for the decor. It was absolutely stunning. I wanted elegance, classy and yet simple modern look and feel.” You will love the details of this luxurious South African wedding which was expertly photographed by ZaraZoo Photography.

  • Bride: Nkhensani Lebese
  • Groom: Kulani Lebese
  • Wedding Date: 3/19/2011
  • Wedding Location: Velmore- Erasmia, South Africa

How They Met

Well, we met in high school. I actually saw him on the first day of school registration when we were in grade 7 and I thought, "Oohhh! Who is that?" it was the first time I saw him and apparently he had been in the same school since grade 5. The first thought was he is going to be my husband... And we became dancing partners in the same grade. Then, later that year he asked me out.. It happens that our grannies were old time friends. Then he had to leave to attend high school in another town. In grade 10 I broke it off because I was also going to attend school in another town. But deep down we always knew that we were going to be together. We kept in touch every now and then. Then years later we met after tertiary.

How we met again was I kept on dreaming about him. Then I thought what is God saying. Should I call and check if his okay? Then one day after a month of having these dreams, I got worried and phoned and we met then the rest was a year later he proposed. We are Africans so in our tradition he has to pay Lobola. So that part took place first then a year and half later it was the white wedding.

Wedding Description

Ohh this was the best part. Planning the wedding. We had a wedding planner The Aleit Group - Johny was our wedding coordinator. We just connected from the first day of meeting which made it easy to arrange the wedding as we had the same or similar concepts. He was on point with everything which made it easy for me, I trusted him and this allowed me to relax and have a piece of mind and just focus on me and the groom.

We had a gold and cream look and feel for the decor..It was absolutely stunning as I wanted elegance, classy and yet simple modern look and feel.
It was just awesome. It was an afternoon wedding we had planned for the blessing ceremony we would have it outside with a normadick tent and chair and decor with pre dinner drinks and canapés outside whilst we shooting pics. But I tell you God has His ways at12:00 Johny said they have predicted a storm at 2:30 and the wedding was at 2:3o so we had to change the set up to be in one of the venues chapel. But it turned out to be the most beautiful day. The pics are so so amazing thanks to Stephen at Zara Zoo. It was all about: Celebration, Love, Commitment and Happiness.

Wedding Style

I was looking for a simple, comfortable yet elegant dress. I also did not struggle, I knew exactly what I wanted and I said, "God help me to find the right designer." There was a place in Pretoria I once saw and I thought one day I will go and check it out in was small in a very quite center. So I made an appointment and it was Gert Van Der Merwe's studio. I got in and we just connected again I did not struggle we just hit it off. We then also designed each bridesmaid dress according to their personalities and they were stunning, young, fun and yet classy.

Incorporation of Culture

No, this was done separately at the Lobola ceremony and also at the welcoming ceremony after the wedding I had to go to my husband's home where they would do an event to welcome me. I dressed up in my white wedding gown on arrival and they ran a programme then I had to change to my traditional outfit which was made by Ole. During the event they also showered me and my family with gifts, traditional clothing and blankets.

This event took place a month after the white wedding. It was absolutely the best. So everyone that did not make it to the white wedding they came to hpthis wedding as it is also a show of the the new "Makoti" meaning bride in Shangaan.

Most Memorable Moment 

Waking up to the day.. That this is the day The Lord has made and we shall be glad and rejoice in it. And indeed we did just that with the blessing of the rain :)) Also seeing my dad and him holding me to walk down the aisle. As we walked in, my brothers each held a rose for my bouquet.  Just as I arrived to meet my hubby to be they tied them for me into a bouquet. It was awesome.

They also did a guard of honor for my hubby with his golf clubs since he loves golf.

My granny ran down the aisle after I had take my position to be blessed.. And she ululated and danced around with joy....

You Make Loving You So Easy

From the Groom... He loves me for who I am.

From the Bride... I love who he is.


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