Modern Green and Purple Wedding by ArtPhotoSoul Photographers: Tai and Gavin

Everyone  knows that Disney World is one of the most magical places on earth, but for Gavin and Tai, Disney World is even more special because it is where Gavin proposed. After running  with family and friends in a challenging Disney Full Marathon, Gavin was asked to answer Disney Trivia questions.  Tai and hundreds of other people watched on as Gavin's responses were broadcast on a jumbotron. On the final question, Gavin got down on one knee and proposed. Tai planned their whole wedding from start to finish, and she pulled off their modern design scheme perfectly.  This gorgeous couple wanted love to be the focus of their wedding, and their adoration for each other and their family is evident in their beautiful pictures captured by ArtPhotoSoul Photographers.

  • Bride: Tai McEachin (Thomas)- Entertainment Manager
  • Groom: Gavin McEachin- Sales Manager
  • Date: 04/26/2013

How They Met

Gavin & I met on the campus of Hampton University our Freshman Year (2002). We both participated in the annual Freshman Stepshow, representing our respective dorms Harkness and Virginia Cleveland- (Brother/Sister Dorms). At that time we were just friends, there was no attraction which was perfect because we could be our true selves. During this time we could be as goofy, silly and real as we wanted to, because neither one of us was trying to impress the other.

The Proposal
I shared with Gavin that I wanted to complete a full marathon so we signed up for the Disney Full Marathon in 2012. This was after a year of doing smaller races and half marathons. It was a great weekend. His mother and sister flew down from NY, as we started to get the whole family interested in running. The race was a physical and personal challenge for me. Although I wanted to give up, I pushed myself…I’m so glad I did. I got through the race and was disappointed in myself for not training as well as I could of and because of that my body was in so much pain – I just wanted to go home. Oh no though! One of my peers approached me regarding a “Disney Trivia” segment that they had to do and asked if Gavin and I could do it. So there we were, tired and sweaty playing this game that is projected on a jumbotron for all those around to see. We go through a few questions and on the final question Gavin got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. I was overwhelmed with emotion, weak in the knees both from running and embracing the fact I will share my life with my best friend. My parents, grandmother, his family, my friends, and my line sisters from across the country came to witness this moment.

Description of Event

My dream is to become an event planner and I made a promise to myself that our wedding would be the first event I would plan. I was responsible for all of the planning up until the day of the wedding. The entire process was fun for me because I did not take anything too seriously. My go to quote was " So long as we have our marriage license and the Reverend, it is official and everything else will fall into place." I kept my focus on our love and making this day one to remember.When setting out to plan, I had our guests experience in mind and keeping everything meaningful for the both of us. I believe we accomplished that. There was no theme, if we had to choose a theme then it would have been “Love” and yes. . . we definitely felt the love throughout the day/evening.When setting out to plan, I had our guests experience in mind and keeping everything meaningful for the both of us. I believe we accomplished that. There was no theme, if we had to choose a theme then it would have been “Love” and yes. . . we definitely felt the love throughout the day/evening. Our colors themselves reflected love, we selected purple and green as our wedding colors because they are birthstone colors. That combination could not have been more perfect! Our venues spoke to our characters, fun, unexpected and over the top. We included most of our nieces and nephews to be part of the day (2 were too young). We wanted them to experience a wedding and witness true love.

Because I am always thinking a few steps ahead (which sometimes is overwhelming) I did not find many challenges during the process. If I came across any situation I looked forward to solving it rather than stressing over it. I wanted every moment from the engagement through the wedding to be positive.

Wedding Style

I would describe our style as "Modern Elegance". I was not a stickler on certain details, if it looked clean and pretty I was good! I started wedding dress shopping early and in hindsight I should have waited just a bit. I ordered a dress from a bridal shop here in Orlando. Yet.....I found a dress a few months after on Pinterest that I just had to have! I did some research and found a place out of state that had the dress. Many probably would not agree with me ordering a dress I never tried on, however the dress was a 2013 collection and no stores had it! So, I ordered my dress from Pearl's Place in Louisiana. I found them on a wedding blog. The Dress was only $540….I think I had no choice!

I would suggest that you wait until you know it is the dress for you. When I selected the first dress it was my first time trying on gowns, the one I picked was the style and price I wanted, yet it didn't "Wow" me. My Mom and Grandmother were with me and they both we so excited. Don't get wrapped up in the moment and make a hasty decision you might regret.

My gown was a Mori Lee Blu Collection: Style 5108

Incorporation of Culture

I was raised Catholic yet only wanted to have our wedding in a church if it was my home church in Brooklyn performed by my childhood Priest. We kept it traditional, including two scripture readings by our nieces, several prayers by the Reverend, and the Unity Candle- uniting the McEachin & Thomas families. Our scriptures were read by our nieces Jada and Rylee. They were 1 Corinthians 13 & 1 John 4 7:16. We selected these readings because they emphasized what love means and how important it is to love others and have love within yourself. Love is everything and we wanted that to be shared with our guests on our wedding day. God is Love.

Most Memorable Moment 

Having friends and family travelling from Alaska, New York, California... all over really, spoke to us. We were so humbled that so many people would come so far to witness our union. I took a moment during the reception to step back and take a look around the room. Everyone says how hectic the day can get, it flies by and you don't remember much. I wanted to take that moment to just take everything in. I was able to see our college friends shake it on the dance floor with our nephews, our childhood mentors enjoy the evening alongside our parents. From the young to young at heart, everyone was having a great time, love was in the air and I would not have changed a thing.

You Make Loving You So Easy

From the Groom... I love her passion for me, in that she continues to push me to become better and better, reminding me that the sky is the limit. I love having my best friend around me all the time and I love to know what love finally is.

From the Bride...To narrow down to just one thing to love is hard. I would have to say I love his love the most. Love encompasses everything, Gavin is so real and loves me unconditionally, without having that type of love for me, nothing else would be right.



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  1. Kristin of byPetronella Photography

    Calla lilies as the bridal bouquet … my favorite! Love the emotion you can see in the couple’s expressions and how much fun they had at their reception! Congrats the bride / planner … beautiful event!

  2. Lolita

    My dress twin I absolutely looooove this dress and it was love at first sight I can’t wait to wear it in November for my wedding. So excited and a coincidence I bought my veil from etsy as well lol

  3. Shareen

    You looked stunning!!! I actually just purchased this exact dress – did you have a hard time sitting or dancing alot in it?


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