A Modern and Sophisticated Red and Gold Wedding in Memphis, Tennessee

Sometimes opposites do attract.  Jacqueline was a shy, reserved girl who was new in town, and Preston was an outgoing guy that could get a rock to talk to him. When they met in high school, it was their differences that somehow connected them together. They quickly forged a strong friendship and they vowed to stay in touch after graduation. Despite being separated by distance, their relationship grew stronger and they soon realized that they could not remain just friends. Their friendship turned into a deep love and on December 24, 2012, Preston proposed to Jacqueline in front of family and friends.

Jacqueline and Preston soon turned their focus to their wedding, which was only nine months away. They teamed up with Andria Lewis Events to make sure that their wedding that was sophisticated and elegant with a fun atmosphere.  The light heartedness of their big day started during their ceremony. When it was time to exchange rings, the couple and their best man realized that they didn’t have them! Luckily, Jacqueline’s brother ran to their car and retrieved them. Jacqueline recalls, “Most people might have been upset or in tears, but all we could do was laugh. We are a light-hearted couple so the incident made for an even more laid back ceremony, which is just right for us.”

Their reception was the embodiment of sophisticated glamour.  Jacqueline was stunning in her simple lace, A-line Watters gown, which she complimented with a crystal belt for a touch of sparkle.  Red table lines and uplighting, and red and purple flower arrangements gave their reception space a regal ambiance. Their four tier wedding cake was a showstopper, featuring couple’s intricate monogram surrounded by gold motifs, tufted detailing and red ribbons separating the ornate layers. Full of sophistication and humorous moments, Jacqueline and Preston’s wedding was a non-stop celebration of the whimsical nature of love and their photographer Creation Studios beautifully captured every moment. You can also view this wedding in our Spring/Summer issue which is on newsstands now.


Quick Facts

  • Wedding Date: 09/21/2013
  • Wedding Location: Memphis, Tennessee
  • Wedding Theme:  Modern, Elegant, Sexy; Sophisticated fun
  • Color Scheme:  Cranberry, gold, cream, and black
  • Wedding Flowers:  orchids, roses, peonies, calla Lilies, tulips, coxcomb, dahlias, black ti leaves
  • First Dance Song:  "Teachme" by Musiq Soulchild
  • Wedding Cake Flavors:  Caramel and lemon w/raspberry filling
  • Groom’s Cake Flavor:  Red velvet
  • Wedding Menu Favorite:  Brown butter gnocchi and chicken enchiladas
  • Bridesmaids Gifts:  Monogrammed canvas bag filled with a jewelry box, earrings with matching bracelet, nail polish, and a water bottle in the favorite color of each bridesmaid.
  • Groomsmen Gifts:  Athletic bag filled with a decorative shot glass, mini bottle of liquor, and matching socks.

Wedding Description

After the engagement and picking a wedding date, we had nine months to plan the wedding. It started out a little overwhelming, but after being introduced to Andria Lewis everything got simple. Andria became our wedding planner. She planned it, designed it, and orchestrated it in its entirety from start to finish. She took what few ideas we had along with what she gathered getting to know us and created an event that turned out perfect. If it were not for getting a planner I would have been stressed out and lost. The only challenges that we faced were having difficulty getting everyone’s schedules on one accord and that was not often, and finding a venue that allowed us to do exactly what we wanted without limits. If there was any major problem that we did not have to handle Andria dealt with it. We were able to enjoy the planning process with little to no problems. We did not have a noticeable theme for our wedding. The only thing we wanted was a fun atmosphere that when you looked at it, it was sophisticated and sexy but when everything started up it was fun and laid back. To sum up our wedding you could say modern, elegant, and sexy/sophisticated fun.

Loving You Is Easy

To sum up what I love most about Preston I can use the word selfless. It sounds like a simple statement but it encompasses plenty. When it comes to me and our relationship Preston has truly shown selflessness. He has the ability to read me and has the desire to make sure that I am satisfied 100 percent. In doing so, that sometimes means that his wants and needs are put to the side but he does not complain. Preston encourages me daily and supports me in any endeavor that I try. He is there for me and is my rock. Preston is definitely a blessing from God. You hear people talking about wanting to find someone to complete them but I did not want that. I wanted someone to compliment me and that is what I got.


  1. JewelryKind

    Thank you for including some of the photos from the church ceremony. It seems like so many times that part is left off of the blog posts, focusing more on the reception and decorations. But the ceremony and ring exchange is the most important!

  2. Ebony M

    What a beautiful wedding and handsome couple. I love the colors scheme. Very elegant and mesh well together. Congratulations to the couple.


    I love this wedding..beautiful couple, great fotos I like

  4. Angela Mazanti

    I wanted to bring to your attention that the lighting credit is incorrect for this feature. Event Production Services did the lighting.
    Thank you,
    Angela Mazanti

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