The MOH Diaries: Helping with the Registry

The bridal registry is one of the many fun things about wedding planning; the bride has the opportunity to pick any and everything she and her partner could want. This isn't a traditional task for the MOH, but if the groom is across the pond or generally unavailable, it is now the job of the MOH to assist the bride in choosing her gifts. Since you aren't a direct recipient of the gifts, this will help you guide the bride in making reasonable and sometimes hard decisions on what to buy.

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Here are a few things you should consider before your shopping spree with the bride:

How long before the wedding?

Since your bride has been spending weeks and months planning a wedding, she may forget to finish, or even start her registry don’t forget to remind her that you need the registry; the earlier she starts, the better.

What does she need?

A bride may feel as if she’s won a bridal version of Supermarket Sweep once she gets the registry scanner in hand, but you’re there to be her voice of reason. Assuming that you’ve met the bride at least once in her life you should be able to tell what she needs and what she shouldn’t bother putting on the registry.

How diverse is the registry?

Unfortunately, unless the bride’s guests are Beyoncé and Jay-Z, having a registry full of Tiffany candlesticks and crystal from Baccarat and Waterford is not very reasonable. Although you should allow the bride some indulgences, be sure to remind her that container sets are just as good as monogrammed silk napkins.

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