Multicultural Art Museum Wedding in North Carolina by Creative Silence Photo + Design: Joy and Caique

Love sometimes finds us when we least expect it. Joy was in Brazil doing volunteer work, when she made the life changing decision to go to see an Afro-Brazilian ballet. While waiting in line for tickets, Joy and Caique locked eyes and it was love at first sight.  After leaving the ballet, Joy heard a voice singing “You Are So Beautiful.”  When she turned around it was Caique serenading her.  His smile sealed the deal, and Caique and Joy were inseparable ever since.  Caique knew Joy was the love of his life, and he wanted to propose to her in a place that was as beautiful as her spirit, so he took her and her parents on a tour of the Duke Gardens in North Carolina.  While they soaked in the gorgeousness of their surroundings, Caique pulled out his computer and presented them with a video montage of highlights of his relationship with Joy.  The video finished with the song Caique sang when he first met Joy, “You Are So Beautiful.”  He then got down on one knee and asked Joy to be his lifelong partner.

When planning their wedding, this fun, free-spirited couple knew that they wanted a multicultural affair that was full of vivid color and their love for the arts.  The Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh, NC served as the perfect venue. To infuse Caique’s Brazilian culture, they started their reception with a beautiful Brazilian samba performance. Guests dined on Brazilian and Southern dishes and drinks, and then danced the night away with an Afro-Brazilian percussion, samba reggae performance led by Caique and his group, Terreiro Arte e Cultura. Creative Silence Photo + Design captured all of the beauty of this multicultural union.

How They Met

I met Caique during my travels to volunteer in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil in 2010. During my stay, I went to see the Afro-Brazilian ballet “Bale Folclorico” with a group of my friends, and there I saw Caique as we waited to buy tickets. No words were exchanged at the moment that we first saw each other, but it was love at first sight for me. After seeing the ballet with my friends and as we were leaving, I heard a voice singing the song “You are so beautiful”. Then I saw Caique’s smile, and the rest was history!

The Proposal
Caique organized a day to visit our beloved Duke Gardens located in Durham, NC with my parents and friend tagging along. I suspected that he was up to something, but I did not have any idea that he was going to propose! However, during the tour of the gardens, Caique pulled out his computer and presented a montage/video of our history to the tunes of Bruno Mars, "Marry Me". When the video ended with "You are so Beautiful", he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Description of Event

It was really important for us to find a venue that would truly complement our theme of a fun, free-spirited, multi-cultural inspired wedding. We both love warm weather, the arts, and we love to have a good time. Therefore, we wanted to find and create such an atmosphere to celebrate our special day. It was essential that the ceremony/reception was full of vivid colors to mirror our personalities and the energy of Caique’s home of Bahia. We found the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) Raleigh as the perfect option for our night. CAM is made of high ceilings, with a non-competing white color pallet, and has a unique building structure which suited the vision for our night very well. Our ceremony was held outside of the museum in picture perfect weather, and we celebrated the rest of the night inside the museum. Live music/art, culture, and love made it a night to remember!

Wedding Style

I found the wedding gown shopping experience to be pretty simple as I found exactly what I wanted in my second bridal shopping visit. During that visit, I tried on one dress before I tried on “the” dress, and as soon as I stepped into my dress I knew that it was the one! It was a dress designed by Watters which captured the essence of all that I wanted; classic, vintage, and sexy! I found my dress at Victorian Rose Bridal located in Raleigh, NC.

Incorporation of Culture

We made sure to infuse Caique’s Brazilian culture into our special day so the details were very colorful and the energy of the night was very spirited! We had three different food stations which one incorporated popular Brazilian food dishes and drink selections. We also had elements during the day that represented our African heritage by conducting the Tasting of the Four Elements ritual during the ceremony, and we had an African food station. Then to represent my Southern culture, we had a “Southern Comfort” food station that was full of favored Southern cuisine options.
Then to start the celebration, we had beautiful Brazilian samba performance, and jammed the night away with an Afro-Brazilian percussion, samba reggae performance led by Caique and his group of Terreiro Arte e Cultura located in Durham, NC. Then we sent guests away with delicious bem casados and M&M's so that guests could taste both elements of our international love!

Most Memorable Moment

This day was so special to me because my father officiated while my brother Mike escorted me down the aisle. Caique also made it very special because he surprised me with a beautiful performance and sung two songs to me, with one that he wrote for me!

Loving You Is Easy

From the Groom... He loves my big heart and compassion that I have for others.

From the Bride... The essence of Caique is very pure, passionate, and incredibly sweet. To know him is to love him.



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