A Multicultural Black Tie Wedding in Massachusetts

Just because you have a sophisticated black tie wedding, doesn't mean you and your guests can’t have fun!   The party for Johane and Rishard Brown started before the wedding, as they laughed, joked and took creative pictures with their wedding party.  Their outdoor ceremony was full of touching moments and elegant details, including hanging crystal chandeliers and stunning cream drapery.  Guests moved inside for the reception, where they were greeted by chic cream floral centerpieces and matching linens.  Everyone let loose on the dance floor and were charmed by  Johane and Rishard's wedding favors, which were a tasty reflection of their culture.  Johane shares, “My husband comes from a Bahamian background, and I come from a Haitian background. We incorporated both our cultures through our wedding favors. For the Bahamian side, we packed a bottle of “Goombay Punch”; we paired it with “Barbancourt,” one of Haiti’s most famous rums.” Amy of A. Anaiz Photography captured all of the elegant and exciting moments of this multicultural wedding.

Quick Facts 

  • Wedding Date:  08/30/2013
  • Wedding Location:  The Villa, East Bridgewater, MA
  • Wedding Theme: A modern sophisticated black tie affair. Every piece of detail had a touch of elegance to it.
  • Color Scheme: Mint, Cream, Black and Gold Accents
  • Wedding Flowers: Bride's bouquet a mix of white flowers - eskimo roses, ivory spray roses, white phalanopsis orchids, lisianthus.
  • First Dance Song:  "Love of my life" by Brian McKnight
  • Wedding Cake Flavors: Golden Amaretto and Coconut Dream
  • Wedding Menu Favorite: The late night cheeseburger sliders and sweet potato fries that were passed out to guests on their way out.
  • Bridesmaids Gifts: Earrings with an oval drop stone setting and gold trimming, also each girl received a brass wired bangle with a design to compliment what they mean to me.
  • Groomsmen Gifts: Personalized shot glasses with a bow tie on it and each guy received argyle dress socks with their favorite sports team.



Wedding Style

My dress was a gorgeous Paloma Blanca dress. A classic sweetheart top, a fitted ruched bodice with an accentuating fit and flare bottom detailed with rosette layers. It was the perfect dress for our modern meets classic theme. My favorite wedding accessory was of course my shoes. They were mint peep toe heels by BCBG. I had the hardest time finding that perfect mint to match my bridesmaids and their mint dresses.

Incorporation of Culture

My husband comes from a Bahamian background and I come from a Haitian background. We incorporated both our cultures through our wedding favors. For the Bahamian side, we packed a bottle of "Goombay Punch," a popular soda straight from the Bahamas; we paired it with "Barbancourt," one of Haiti's most famous rums. We also handed out homemade Cremas, bottled, sealed and decorated according to theme. Cremas is a traditional Haitian cocktail, passed around during holidays and joyous events.

Most Memorable Moment

My best memory was that everyone had a blast. I loved seeing every single person on the dance floor just letting loose and enjoying the night. Nothing like having everyone who means the world to you in one room having the time of their lives.

Wedding Advice

Make sure that it is all about you two. It is easy to get lost in what your mom wants or what his grandmother would like... at the end of the day it is a celebration of your combined love, no one else really matters.



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  1. Kate

    This wedding is absolutely beautiful !

  2. Victoria

    The wedding looks absolutely beautiful. Wonderful pictures.

  3. Jeremy Hammel

    I love the color of the bridesmaid dresses – really light and gorgeous. They ‘pop’ nicely in all the pictures (especially the outdoor ones).

  4. Charles H. Rogers III

    Beautiful and elegant! Your wedding day is exactly one day after my birthday! Thanx what caught my attention. To the groom; your wife is beautiful. 3 Things to make your marriage last no matter the weather. 1. Never argue without agreeing to disagree. NEVERR let it carry on to the next day. 2. Always make it home! Never have too much fun that you can’t make it home to mama! 3. In all you do always keep your faith! These may seem simple, but I can assure you they aren’t. There has to be belief, support, and trust. These three are the glue that makes the moment and the money shown in these pictures endure to the end! Congratulations on your marriage and may you sharpen each other throughout your lives.

    Written with love and experience,

    Charles H. Rogers III and family!

  5. Nikki Anderson

    Very beautiful & Classy!


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