MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Summer 2018 Issue is Live!

Welcome to MunaLuchi! When we say “welcome” we mean it most absolutely. Since its inception, MunaLuchi has been on a mission to showcase the beauty of a love largely left behind in mainstream media. Initially a publication described as being for the “Bride of Color,” we realized that description wasn’t inclusive enough. Over time we’ve evolved into the number one publication for representing the entire multicultural community. Whether you are an Asian Bride with an African Groom, an African American Bride with a Caucasian Groom, two South American Brides, or two African American Grooms, your love is beautiful!

Love is the bridge between hearts, and standing there you will find MunaLuchi, ensuring that love will always be love no matter what combination of nationality or gender. Your love is beautiful and we want the world to know it. Join us in our negativity-free zone as we celebrate the largest global community, the multicultural community, where love has no borders.

The Summer 2018 issue of MunaLuchi Bride magazine is now live! The cover features exclusive details for the engagement of Sydel Curry (social influencer and sister of professional basketball players, Stephen & Seth Curry) and Damion Lee (professional basketball player). The Summer 2018 issue features six stunning weddings, four inspiring styled shoots, five romantic engagement sessions, event reviews for the 2018 Muna Serenade and 2017 Coterie Retreat, interviews with wedding industry professionals, a South Africa MunaTravel feature, and more!

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Cover Credits:
Long white lace dress: Martha Medeiros
Rings: Dilara Saatci jewelry
Black choker with diamonds: Emily P Wheeler
Makeup Artist: Pircilla Pae
Stylist: Mary Gonsalves Kinney
Photographer: The Great Romance

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