MunaLuchi Coterie Retreat 2018 Bermuda: Day 3 Recap

Welcome to the Coterie Retreat, MunaLuchi’s annual three day conference for wedding and event professionals servicing the multicultural market. Launched in 2014, the Coterie Retreat connects vendors with giants of the industry, to continue mastering the best practices of their craft. More than just your average conference, the Coterie Retreat is a complete experience, championing inclusion, diversity, and community within the multicultural wedding and events industry.
Following a highly successful 2017 Coterie Retreat in South Africa, the 2018 Coterie Retreat was hosted on the beautiful island of Bermuda, at the luxurious Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club. The iconic “pink palace” offers fine dining, stunning views, shopping, a full spa, plenty of relaxation, and displays numerous works of art by legendary artists - including Picasso, Matisse, Hockney, Warhol, Shepard Fairey, and Banksy to name a few.
From December 3-6, Retreat attendees enjoyed the finest in professional education through keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, breakout seminars, and curated events. View the 2018 Coterie Retreat Bermuda, Day 1 recap here, and the Day 2 recap here.

The third and final day of the MunaLuchi Coterie Retreat 2018: Bermuda, began with MunaLuchi Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Jacquline Nwobu’s popular lecture on Building Sustainable Engagement on Instagram & Insight on Generation Z and Young Millenials. Offering indispensable knowledge on increasing and maintaining social media traffic from over a decade of first-hand experience developing the MunaLuchi brand, Jacquline guided attendees through the do’s & don’ts and tips & tricks of Instagram engagement. The focus then narrowed to specifically targeting current and future generations, how they relate to social media, and the future trends on the horizon.

Pinterest powerhouse, Squarespace samurai, and overall digital marketing master, Cara Chace, spoke next on powering up your business with Pinterest. Specializing in Pinterest, Cara coached attendees on the vast versatility of the social media platform, and provided invaluable tips on how to get the most from your profile. Cara also later led a speaker breakout session specifically on Promoted Pins for Pinterest.

Chioma Nwogu of Dure Events, a full service wedding and event planning company based in Houston, Texas, and Guerdy Abraira of Ocean Flowers & Events, a full service event production company based in Miami Florida, provided a panel lecture on Appealing to a Diverse Market with an Added Focus on Luxury Destination Clients. With an ever increasing interest in luxury destination weddings within the multicultural wedding industry, attendees gained an in-depth perspective on how to continue increasing that appeal while attracting those particular clients to their businesses.   

Following a morning break, three breakout sessions/workshops continued with Washington DC and Baltimore based veteran wedding photographer & videographer Chip Dizard of Chip Dizard Weddings presented his ever popular Facebook Ad Workshop, providing attendees with the tools to make the most of their social media accounts, and to ensure that their services always remain visibly present for potential future clients.

Tamuel Cowart of RW Events, an event planning, design & rentals company, led a speaker breakout session titled Financially Branded: Finance and Budgeting for Entrepreneurs. A topic crucial for any business owner within any industry, Tamuel broke down the topic in highly accessible, detailed points easily adaptable to any attendees financial practices.

MunaLuchi Co-Founder, President & Publisher Chike Nwobu spoke on the Pillars of Entrepreneurship. Chike guided attendees through the history of MunaLuchi, the Coterie, and the MunaLuchi publication and social media platforms - and how those pillars have helped shape the company to what it has become today, as well as the positive effect it has had on showcasing the beauty of multicultural love while simultaneously providing a network for event professionals of the multicultural wedding industry.

Akeshi Kinseye of Kesh Events, Kesh Designs, and the Kesh Experience, and Eddie Zaratsian of Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle & Design, presented individual, hands-on floral design workshops for attendees. With their years of industry experience and creative talents, Akeshi and Eddie guided their classrooms through the creation of floral arrangements while providing a commentary on their personal journeys on how they got to where they are today.

Upon completion of the day’s sessions, attendees enjoyed an evening cocktail reception on the balcony of the Hamilton Princess’ Harbourview Ballroom. With the tropical night closing in, a classical string ensemble harmonized the atmosphere, accompanied by the ocean sounds and a cool tropical breeze.

The third and final day came to a close with MunaLuchi’s signature gala party hosted in the ballroom of the Hamilton Princess Hotel. Attendees, dressed to impress, were greeted with a gorgeous decor display planned by Rose of Sharon, with decor, design layout, linens and chargers by Ambiance, Florals by DEMCO, and lighting/center focus by Class Act. The luxurious evening consisted of a three-course, wine-paired dining experience. During which MunaLuchi Coterie members took turn on stage offering their gratitude to company founders Jacqueline and Chike Nwobu before completing the evening and the 2018 Coterie Retreat on the dance floor late into the night.

Special thanks to the 2018 Coterie Retreat partner, Bermuda Tourism Authority!

Special thanks to Conference Planner Claire-Ann Raynor of Rose of Sharon Wedding & Event Planning

Images by Teshorn Jackson Photography, and Trene Forbes Photography

Video by Yamean Studios Films

Special thanks to Marigold & Grey and Filofax for sponsored "Swag-Bag" materials.

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