MunaMonday: A Round Up Of Our Favorite #MunaluchiBride Instagram Posts

Happy MunaMonday! We're back at it again with our favorite #MunaluchiBride Instagram posts from the first week of August! Our followers have been continuing to add both the #MunaluchiBride and #Munaluchi, to their stunning bridal pics - and we're loving it! Be sure to tag us in your wedding and engagement photos for a chance to be featured. And follow us on Instagram for daily wedding inspiration!

A photo posted by TEMI COKER (@temi.coker) on

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A photo posted by Rhea Whitney (@rheawhitney) on


A photo posted by Munaluchi Bride (@munaluchibride) on

Are you looking to be featured on our next MunaMonday? Be sure to add the #Munaluchi or #MunaluchiBride hashtag to your fabulous post and stay tuned because you may be the next to make our list!

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