MunaProposals: Crista + Kyle’s Airport Proposal

Happy Easter Munafamily!  We announced last Sunday that we are introducing a new feature to our website - MunaProposals and the feedback has been amazing.  Thanks to all that have already submitted their proposal stories and for those who haven't yet, use this link here to submit yours.

We are kicking off this feature with Crista and Kyle.  This adorable couple has a fun proposal story. Read the details below.

Names:  Crista & Kyle (@bahamianista @grenadianprince)
Proposal Location:  In the Baggage claim area at JFK airport in New York!
Proposal Date:  Thursday, December 22, 2016

How did you meet?

Kyle told me (when we started dating) that the 1st time he saw me he was in high school and I was either a Freshman or Sophomore at Long Island University, Brooklyn campus. I had no idea who he was until much later (years later), in passing here and there on our college campus. It was after a few Facebook messages that we would begin to be great friends. He had never been to Trinidad carnival and I had a few times so I took on the responsibility of planning his first carnival while he was deployed (Navy). It wasn't until February 4th, 2016 we shared our first kiss in the middle of a Caribbean fete and the rest has been nothing but great vibes.

Tell us your proposal story:

We had decided last minute that I would send Christmas in New York and meet his parents. I deplaned and headed to baggage claim ASAP because I was so exhausted. I spotted him leaning against the wall close to baggage claim and headed his way and hugged him and started complaining about how tired I was...
Then he stopped me with this weird look on his face and starts asking me all these questions and after I responded, he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I started crying and then laughing because some Asian man stopped and screamed , "Congratulations!" We just sunk down to the airport floor and sat and hugged and cried and stared at the ring. Literally, best day of our lives.

Wedding plans:

We're getting married on April 8th, 2018 in Nassau, Bahamas (Jacaranda House)

Love note from the bride:


I never thought love could feel like this. I almost didn't make it to carnival that year (you know why) but I'm so happy I did. You're so supportive, so loving, so wonderful and despite the distance and our work obligations, you make us work. I'm so grateful to God for answering my prayers for a friend, a lover and a partner like you. And I thank him for making you such a great dancer haha.
I cannot wait to be the future Mrs. #ChasetheWaist . Love you always.

photo: Island Boi Photography

 Happy Planning!

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  1. Kelle Kel

    Congrats Crista!! Your story is beautiful!

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    Beautiful story. Congratulations Crista!!!

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    Beautiful story !!!! Best wishes can wait for this festival to go down!!!!

  5. Laura Lowe

    Awwww how beautiful!!! I’m so happy for your Crista, for you deserve all of lifes happiness!! -Laura Lowe-

  6. Monica Badgett

    This is beautiful. The best of everything to you both.


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