MunaTravel: Nevis – Natural Wonder of the Romantic World

MunaTravel: NevisNatural Wonder of the Romantic World

The beauty begins on the flight...cerulean, cyan, and azure blue ocean water views guide the way...tropical islands and vanishing sandbars dot the mingling waters of Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. The plane descends between a mountainous terrain before touching down on the Island of St. Kitts at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport. As you step off the plane directly onto the tarmac you’re greeted by perfect warmth and a relaxing cool breeze that seems to find you no matter where you are. You close your eyes, further opening your senses, and take a deep satisfying breath. The air is mingled with ocean flavor and subtle floral scents - a fragrance you wish to bottle and take home.

St Kitts is alive with the hustle and bustle of tourism traffic, a regular stop for cruise ships, yachts and superyachts. For those seeking the more traditional island-getaway experience, go no further. For all others, your water taxi captain awaits - a drink of freshly squeezed fruit juices and rum in-hand.
The water taxi skips across the mingling waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, refreshing ocean spray resting on your skin. Nevis Peak, a potentially active stratovolcano, rises 3,232 ft in the approaching distance - the apex of which remains shrouded in cloud coverage, sustaining rainforest and cloud-forest habitats.
In just over ten minutes the water taxi docks at Oualie Beach, a beautiful natural beach with charming gingerbread cottages in traditional Caribbean style architecture spaciously placed throughout the landscape. This is where you are introduced to one of many local phrases used to describe this gem of an island; “Nevis naturally.” “Nevis naturally” references the clean, unspoiled environment visible all over the island. The beaches and landscape have an enchanting unmanicured appearance, as if you’re the first to set foot wherever you stand. The pressure of time in today’s constantly racing techno-dominate age recedes with the calming ebb and flow of the Nevis pace of life. This is a place to unplug.

Nevis is just 36 square miles with a population of around 12,000, leading us to another local island phrase, “you’re only a stranger in Nevis once.” The people are genuine and welcoming, making you feel right at home, and due to the perfectly small population, chances are the faces will quickly become familiar. The local homes, are colorfully adorned, surrounded by lush tropical forest landscape, while wild Donkeys, herds of grazing Sheep and Goats, and groups of Vervet Monkeys can be seen all over the island.

There are 406 hotel rooms on Nevis island, ranging from luxury suites, colonial style inns, superb villas and contemporary condos. Located either in the hills or on the beach, every rooming option feels like your own personal island escape. Nevis dining includes everything from Caribbean dishes to international cuisine - regardless of your selection only the freshest of ingredients are used, and every dietary need can be accommodated.  

Aside from perfect relaxation and detaching from the rapid pace of everyday life, Nevis offers plenty of opportunity for swimming, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing,  hiking, horse riding, cycling, tennis, cricket, golf, and so much more. The island’s annual festivals and activities include the Nevis to St. Kitts Cross Channel swim, kite flying contests, relay races, fishing tournaments, Mango and Food Festival, marathons, triathlons, turtle conservation programs, and more.  The island is also home to numerous historical sites, landmarks, and museums - with a rich history including being the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton; one of the founding fathers of the United States, founder of the United States’ financial system, and the first Secretary of the Treasury.

Nevis is a place to disconnect from life and rediscover yourself. It is a place that soon after setting foot on you immediately become a spokesperson for, thinking of ways not to leave or how quickly to come back. It is more than just a tourism destination. It is a place rich in history and culture, loved and cared for by many - most especially by the people fortunate to call it home. With stunning landscapes, numerous idyllic hotels, annual festivals, fine dining, beautiful beaches, wide range of activities, nightlife, peace and relaxation, wonderful people, and so much more - it isn’t at all difficult to see why Nevis is known as being the most romantic destination in the Caribbean. I would take it a step further and say that claim extends beyond just the Caribbean. Nevis is a natural wonder of the romantic world.

So plan your romantic vacation, your surprise engagement, destination wedding, honeymoon, or simply just a secret escape from it all - whatever your romantic desires, Nevis is the answer to your prayers.

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